Carriageworks is the largest multi-arts centre in Australia. We commission Australian and International artists to make monumental new work that intersects with contemporary ideas. Reflecting the diverse communities of urban Sydney, our artist-led program is ambitious, radical and always inclusive.



Carriageworks was built between 1880 and 1889 as part of the Eveleigh Railway Workshops. By the 1900s several thousand people worked here, building and maintaining locomotive engines and carriages for the expanding rail network. Those workers shaped the development of our city for over 100 years.

The Carriageworks site was one of the first places to employ Aboriginal people on an equal basis. It is also the place where generations of new migrants were first employed. In 1917, it was within these walls that the Great Strike started, which saw thousands of workers march on NSW Parliament and, through sheer power in numbers, shut it down.

In 2007, the site was redeveloped as a cultural precinct. Today, Carriageworks is the most significant multi-arts centre in Australia.




Cass O’Connor (Acting Chair)
Sue Cato
John Mitchell
Michael Gonski
Alison Pearson (Observer)


Chief Executive Officer Blair French
Executive Assistant Monika Herfurth
Director, Programs Daniel Mudie Cunningham
Director, Communications & Partnerships Vanessa Duscio
Director, Commercial & Production
Kri Leitner
Chief Financial Officer Oscar Reyes

Head Curator, Visual Arts
Beatrice Gralton

Head Curator, Performance
Rosie Fisher

Head Curator, Aboriginal Programs

Hannah Donnelly

Exhibition Manager

Glenn Thompson

Assistant Curator, Visual Arts
Aarna Fitzgerald Hanley

Solid Ground Program Coordinator
Emily Johnson

Education Project Officer
Debbie Higgison

Head of Marketing
Stephen O’Connor

Digital Marketing Specialist
Izzy Comber

Marketing Specialist
Constance Barthélemy

Philanthropy Manager
Alyson Hewett

Partnerships Manager
Libby Davis

Visitor and Ticketing Services Manager
Rachel McCluskey

Visitor Services Officer
Lena Li

Visitor Services Officer
Kristina Salopek

Visitor Services Officer
Eliza Ormsby

Head of Commercial
Andrew Demetriou

Commercial Account Manager
Vlach Ashton

Commercial Account Manager
Jena Ye

Commercial Account Coordinator
Michelle Cao

Head of Production
Paul Bilsby

Production Manager
Katherine Hamilton

Production Manager
Todd Hawken

Event Services Manager
Loredana Cross

Senior Producer, Events
Chris Cobb

Producer, Events
Lisa Hannan

Assistant Event Producer
Spencer Morrow

Farmers Markets Creative Director
Mike McEnearney

Producer, Food Events
Jessica Abrahams

Coordinator, Food Events
Mariia Zhuchenko

Finance and Administrative Manager
Janine Peukert

Finance and Administrative Assistant
Caitlin Tiley

Financial Business Consultant
Dale Hollingsworth

Acting Head of Operations
Claire Allen

Head of Operations
Megan Davis

Operations Assistant
Elle Van Uden

Building Facilities Manager
Mathew Ibanez

Building Facilities Assistant
Rodrigo Arriaza

IT Coordinator
Chris Howell


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Key images top to bottom: Matthew Day, Keir Choreographic Award, Carriageworks, Image Gregory Lorenzutti 2014; Eveleigh Railyards, Sydney, Image Supplied; St. Vincent, Carriageworks, Image Daniel Boud 2018