We couldn’t do this without your support.

Access to inspirational contemporary art experiences has never been more important. Neither has the continued generosity of the donors and audiences who support Carriageworks and our programs.

It is only with your donations that we are able to build our inspiring programs and continue to support the artists and producers who conceive of and offer these extraordinary experiences to us all.

Every donation, when combined with those of others, will help ensure that we remain at the forefront of contemporary arts programming, developed and presented in the unique Carriageworks setting.

Tax deductible donations – Carriageworks is a listed charity with the national regulator of charities, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Donations to Carriageworks are tax-deductible. We have endorsement as a deductible gift recipient (DGR 1) confirmed by the Australian Taxation Office.

Contact – Donation enquiries please contact Enid Charlton, Director of Partnerships and Communications, enid.c@carriageworks.com.au


Thank you to all the generous supporters who donated to Carriageworks in 2021 and 2022.  

Geoff Ainsworth AM
Petrina Baker
John Barrer
Victor Baskir
Leo Beltrame
Clare Blackman
Alex Bowen
James Campbell
Enid Charlton
Michael Doropoulos
Helen Eager
Diane Fetherston
Johanna Featherstone

Barbara Flynn
Kerry Gonski
Michael Gonski
Christopher Hodges
Louise Hunt
Mary Keith
Lisa Krug
Anitta Kyto
Yuan Liu
Ria Manguray
Jane Miller
Sarah Miller

Wendy Miller
Peter Moxham
Anna Palozzi
Deborah Rees
Damian Roche
Satya Sinha
Gemma Smith
Frederick Straughen
Catherine Sullivan
Liz Watts
Karin Waldmann
Peter Wolfe
15 anonymous


Carriageworks is entrepreneurial, expansive and multi-arts. We work with like-minded brands and organisations to create inspiring experiences for thriving communities.

Every partnership is unique. Our marketing and partnerships team collaborate with each partner to identify opportunities, scope initiatives and deliver measurable results. Contact Enid Charlton at Enid.c@carriageworks.com.au to find out more.

Government Partners

Major Partners


Media Partners

Hospitality Partners


Carriageworks acknowledges the significant support from the Trusts and Foundations that share our passion for extraordinary arts experiences, and our commitment to community, diversity and inclusion. This support is critical to ensuring many of our large-scale exhibitions and performances remain free and accessible to all.  

Enquiries from Trust and Foundations are welcome. Please contact Enid Charlton, Director of Partnerships and Communications, enid.c@Carriageworks.com.au 

Major Donors

Trusts and Foundations


Carriageworks’ unique setting has endured for hundreds of years, and with your legacy will continue as a significant place for contemporary arts experiences for all. 

By leaving a gift in your Will to Carriageworks, you are ensuring that the inspiring programs, and artists and producers who conceive of and offer these extraordinary experiences continue for generations. 

To request our suggested Will wording, please contact Enid Charlton, Director of Partnerships and Communications, enid.c@carriageworks.com.au 


Nick Cave, Heard Syd, Carriageworks, Image Zan Wimberley 2016.
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