The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) returns to Carriageworks from 17-18 Sep. Presented by The Ethics Centre, in 2022 FODI’s characteristically forward-reaching line-up will ask audiences to consider what we consume, what we are consumed by and what should or could come to consume us.

In an era of avalanching information, FODI is a curated festival, encouraging audiences to go deeper, beyond hype. Book tickets now to a razor-sharp line-up of thinkers, artists, experts and disruptors from around the world and across Australia.

Multipack and single tickets on sale – book now.

Multipack and single tickets on sale – book now.

Unmasking Facebook
Frances Haugen

The World Without Rape
Joanna Bourke, Saxon Mullins, Jess Hill and Sisonke Msimang

Enlightenment or Dark Age?
Steven Pinker

Beyond the Gender Binary
Alok Vaid-Menon

Drawing Truth to Power
Badiucao, Cathy Wilcox and Dan Ilic

F = Fail
Adam Tooze

Caught in a Web
Kevin Roose

On Blowing Things Up
Jacqui Lambie

The Return of the Strongman
Ruth Ben-Ghiat

The Last Taboo
Joanna Bourke

Precious White Lives
Sisonke Msimang

Words are Weapons
Claire G. Coleman

My Greatest Period Ever
Lucy Peach

Harmful Thoughts
Jayne Crossling, Emma A Jane, Matt Tyler and Michael Salter

Secretive Australia: A Rational Fear Live
Damien Cave, Lewis Hobba, David McBride, Kate McClymont, Amber Schultz, Dan Ilic

The Crime Paradox
Wenlei Ma, Kate McClymont, Don Weatherburn

Expendable Australians
Kylie Moore-Gilbert, Ian Kemish, Sangeetha Pillai and Peter Greste

American Decadence
Nick Bryant, Ruth Ben-Ghiat and Adam Tooze

Just Be Evil
Frances Haugen, Scott Hargreaves, Carl Rhodes and Sam Mostyn

Contempt is Corroding Democracy: The Minefield Live
Waleed Aly, Karen Jones and Scott Stephens

Join the Rebellion
Jane Caro, Kevin Roose, Alok Vaid-Menon and Osher Gunsberg

Felix Aplin, Kate Faasse, Tema Milstein, Adam Bayes and Lucas Lixinski

Fresh Blood
Aaron Eger, Jack Hamilton, Felicity Tram-Tu, Cheyenne Bardos and Isabelle Volpe

Stealing Culture
Luara Ferracioli and Daniel Browning


Circle of Chairs
Tim Dean, Kelly Hamilton and Simon Longstaff

Whole Glory
Scott Campbell

Muruny/ Breathe
Brook Andrew

Tipping Point
Legs on the Wall

Charlie Villas, Jack Shit and Mike McEnearney

Kitchen by Mike
Mike McEnearney

Dangerous Books

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Presented by The Ethics Centre at Carriageworks.