Presented by Performance Space, Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art 2022 presents the latest and most exciting, innovative new work from Australian, Asia Pacific and First Nations artists, with a program of performances, immersive installations, parties, and conversations. Now in its 8th year, Liveworks 2022 brings you provocative, ambitious and unpredictable new work across physical and digital realms. Offering audiences the opportunity to experience art that affirms our capacity for renewal, wonder and transformation.

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Free events

Opening Sounds
Featuring Rainbow Chan, Sui Zhen, DJ Krystel Diola
Thu 20 Oct

A Barrow, A Singsing
Yuriyal Eric Bridgman
20-30 Oct

Bone Dirt
20-30 Oct

Field Theory
27-29 Oct

Closing Sounds
Haco & Lisa Lerkenfeldt
Sun 30 Oct


Ticketed Events

Follies of God
Raghav Handa
20-23 Oct

In Progress: The Wait of Expectation
Sophie Penkethan-Young
20-22 Oct
(Digital event)

Hundreds + Thousands
Luke George & Daniel Kok
21-23 Oct

Live Now: Knowledge of Wounds
e fishpool
(Digital event)

Night Songs
Jon Rose
26-28 Oct

Amrita Hepi
27-30 Oct

Day for Night
29 Oct

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Presented by Resident Company Performance Space and Carriageworks.

Follies of God was initially commissioned as a 20 minute work for the 2022 Keir Choreographic Award by Dancehouse, the Keir Foundation, and Australia Council for the Arts, co-presented by Carriageworks.

RINSE is co-commissioned by Performance Space, The Keir Foundation and Carriageworks and produced by Performing Lines. Following a prototype of RINSE winning the People’s Choice Award at the 2020 Keir Choreographic Award, Performance Space has commissioned the full-length premiere for Liveworks 2022.

A composite image of Rainbow Chan, Sui Zhen, DJ Krystel Diola
Opening Sounds  | Featuring Rainbow Chan, Sui Zhen, DJ Krystel Diola

Come celebrate the opening night of Liveworks with this free concert in Carriageworks’ public space.

20 Oct
Sophie Penkethman-Young against a colourful background with their hands out at each side. Above one hand is a symbol of cogs and the other is a symbol of a timer.
In Progress: The Wait of Expectation  | Sophie Penkethman-Young

In Progress: The Wait of Expectation is a diary-like live video essay that looks at the techno-psychology of the loading bars and digital icons that placate us as we wait for our apps to load and our technology to come online.

20-22 Oct
Raghav Handa is face-first in a large tyre.
Follies of God  | Raghav Handa

Follies of God sees Sydney-based dance artist Raghav Handa collaborate with sound artist James Brown to explore the complexities of the Gita and its many interpretations through the ages.

20-23 Oct
Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman's artwork A Barrow, A Singsing
A barrow, a singsing  | Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman

This new commission by Australian-Papua New Guinean artist Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman brings together 19 large-scale shield paintings with sculpture, photography and installation, to create one of Bridgeman’s most ambitious bodies of work to date.

20-30 Oct
BoneDirt stands looking upwards with two screens behind them.
Rupture: all the stars unshining  | BoneDirt

Rupture: all the stars unshining is an affecting video and performance installation, revealing the ways in which the body and the world mimic each other in states of panic and crisis.

20-30 Oct
An artist reaches their hand out surrounded by plants and two screens behind them.
Hundreds + Thousands  | Luke George, Daniel Kok

Led by long-time collaborators Luke George (Australia) and Daniel Kok (Singapore), Hundreds + Thousands enlists the participation of plants as collaborators, mediators and audience in this performance work.

21-23 Oct
A person sits at decks seen through a round hoop.
Live Now: Knowledge of Wounds  | e fishpool

e fishpool is a Budawang artist based in Long Beach, Budawang Country. Their work maps processes of unlearning and (re)learning identity through sampling sound, dialect and field recordings. This intimate performance is part of the ongoing Knowledge of Wounds program.

22 Oct
Jon Rose's artwork featuring three large birds playing instruments and a couple walking.
Night Songs  | Jon Rose

Created by Australian experimental musician and composer Jon Rose, Night Songs is a remarkable sonic experience between the 13-million-year-old music of a uniquely Australian songbird—the Pied Butcherbird—and contemporary human musicians.

26-28 Oct
Red text reads RUSH over the top of silver chains
RUSH  | Field Theory

RUSH reimagines our experience of the queer club. After surveying queer people across Sydney about their nights out, RUSH offers audiences an array of different experiences and invites you to pick and choose the ones you love best, creating your own perfect night out.

27-29 Oct
Amrita Hepi leans against a white/ green background.
Rinse  | Amrita Hepi

Co-commissioned by Carriageworks and Performance Space, Amrita Hepi's Rinse explores the romance of beginnings and what happens next, when those initial thrills begin to fade and inertia takes over.

27-30 Oct
An artist stands on stage in front of a crowd at Day for Night
Day for Night 2022  | Featuring AnSo, Ayebatonye Abrakasa, BVT, Fetu Taku, Field Theory, Nini Voss, Solomon Frank, Wojak & cloudbeard.

Co-presented by Carriageworks and Performance Space, Day for Night is back to take you on an incredible journey through queer space and time. Explore performances, catch up with your queer family and hit the dancefloor with us once again, as Day for Night takes over the Liveworks Festival in an explosion of queer joy and togetherness.

29 Oct
A composite image of Haco & Lisa Lerkenfeldt
Closing Sounds  | Featuring Haco & Lisa Lerkenfeldt

As Liveworks 2022 comes to a close, listen to the music of Haco and Lisa Lerkenfeldt, as we celebrate the festival that was and re-enter the world with rejuvenated hearts and minds.

30 Oct
Live Dreams: Cloistered
Live Dreams: Cloistered  | Curated by Alex Wisser, featuring Oriana Panazzo, Laring Kolektif, Katrina Elizabeth, Jenny Brown and John Shipton with Richard Banati, Allegra Ceccarelli and Juundaal Strang-Yettica.

CLOISTERED explores works that consider the: reclusive, sheltered, confined, hidden, insulated, restricted, sequestered, shielded, withdrawn, hermetic, recluse, secluse, seclusive, shut off.

Performance Space’s LIVE DREAMS is a platform for artists to share works-in-progress and ideas in development in a dynamic and responsive environment.

25 Oct
Live Dreams: Tidal
Live Dreams: Tidal  | Curated by Louana Sainsbury, featuring Chang Kang Hua, Ebony Rattle, Katya Petetskaya, Rowena Potts & Ceridwen Dovey, Jingwei Bu, Michelle St Anne & Chloe Kim.

TIDAL presents works that consider a turn, a rise and fall, a surge and reveal, a changeover cycle and a return.

Performance Space’s LIVE DREAMS is a platform for artists to share works-in-progress and ideas in development in a dynamic and responsive environment.

26 Oct
Live Dreams: IRL
Live Dreams: IRL  | Curated by River Lin, featuring Raymond Liew Jin Pin, ena_groz (Ena Grozdanić), Jacinta Larcombe, M@ Cornell and Merinda Davies, Emma Varker and Mark Kleine.

The notion of IRL invites artists to critically rethink what makes real lives real in both contexts of human encounters and the digital culture.

Performance Space’s LIVE DREAMS is a platform for artists to share works-in-progress and ideas in development in a dynamic and responsive environment.

27 Oct
Eric Bridgeman sits among his artwork
Live Futures: Keynote Conversation, Eric Bridgeman 

Join Australian-Papua New Guinean artist Eric Bridgeman for a conversation about his major commissioned work A barrow, a singsing as well as his broader artistic practice.

22 Oct
Two artists are wrapped together with red rope amongst green leaves.
Live Futures: Future Toolbox, Beyond the Bug-out Bag  | Curated by Loren Kronemyer, featuring Tallulah Brown, Ian Millis and Diana Chester.

Our planet is rapidly changing, and so are the tools and skills we need to survive it. Survival tools can take a range of forms, from familiar traditional skills to uncanny techniques borne of challenges, opportunities, and ingenuity.

23 Oct
An artist lays on their side clutching a red dress to their chest
Live Futures: NIU BEGINNINGS, SaVAge Lab in Conversation  | Moderated by Jeff Khan, featuring Rosanna Raymond, Latai Taumoepeau, Salvador Brown, Rameka Tamaki, Kilia Tipa and Sela Vai.

NIU BEGNININGS introduces the artists of the SaVAge Lab and explores new ways to apply Pacific-led principles into contemporary art-making and world-building.

29 Oct
Two artists read a book, there is a square cut into the page and strips of text are stuck on the others arm.
Live Futures: Future Truths  | Curated by Jeremy Smith, featuring Raghav Handa and Sarah Rodigari.

This conversation brings together Liveworks artists whose works interrogate and reinvent the myths of the past in order to build a more equitable and exciting tomorrow.

30 Oct