Meet the Producer: Hudson’s Bakery

Hudson’s Bakery offers gluten free baked goods and treats, including bread, baguettes, ficelle, cookies, caramel slice, rocky road, flatbread crackers, brownies and more. We spoke to Sarah Hudson about Hudson Bakery’s products and Carriageworks experience.


What’s the best way to describe your products?

Gluten free basics for everyone. We just simply want to create the basic products that people miss out on when they are gluten free – the food that made you feel loved. Things from your childhood that your Grandma used to make. The treats you picked up after school from the local bakery. The biscuits your mum brought home from the grocery store. And because not everyone in the household is necessarily gluten free, we want the product to be SO good, that they want it too.

Everything we make is preservative free, handmade, fresh and delicious. We are driven to help gluten free people live a more normal life.


What makes your baked goods stand out?

Well, the sprinkles on the finger buns. Ha! And the softness of our bread, of course. We’ve had people call the store after their family have picked up products for them, just checking it’s definitely gluten free because it tastes so good.

What’s your favourite part of trading at the Carriageworks Farmers Market?

The opportunity we were given. We will always be grateful for being given a chance. Carriageworks very much helped us position ourselves as an artisan bakery. It introduced us to other like-minded people. It gave us a platform and the safety to grow up. In the age of start ups, Carriageworks was our incubator.

And then there’s the other traders. Through Carriageworks, we met Jonathan from Flour and Stone who has been a complete saving grace for me. If I need any advice at all I call Jonathan. He is so generous with his time and wants to see us succeed. Just his support alone has been incredible.

Any favourite market memories?

The Carriageworks Christmas Twilight Markets. There was a moment last year where Kirsten – one of our staff members – and I looked at each other and almost cried with gratefulness. We had a wall of people at our stall probably 10 deep, and we were serving as fast as we could ever serve and to just see that people loved the product, and that sense of demand was so amazing. It gave us vision and inspiration for the future.


You can visit the Hudson’s Bakery stall at Carriageworks Farmers Market on the first, third and fifth Saturday of every month, from 8am – 1pm.