In February, Carriageworks will be the home of the First Nations Gathering Space, Marri Madung Butbut (Many Brave Hearts) for Sydney WorldPride with major installations, queer art parties, theatre shows, drag and family events. Performance Space and Performing Lines will also present two 24 hour queer performance events – Day for Night: The Pleasure Arc and 24 Hour Grumble Boogie creating an inclusive queer utopia.

Free exhibitions

Paul Yore: Word Made Flesh
5 Jan – 26 Feb, 2023
Wed-Sun, 10am-5pm

The Huxleys: Bloodlines
5 Jan – 5 Mar, 2023
Wed-Sun, 10am-5pm

Free events

View our program of free events here.

Ticketed events

Day for Night: The Pleasure Arc
Sat 18 Feb, 12pm – Sun 19 Feb, 12pm

Betty Grumble: 24 Hour Grumble Boogie
Sat 18 Feb, 12pm – Sun 19 Feb, 12pm

Thu 23 Feb, 7pm
Fri 24 Feb, 2pm
Fri 24 Feb, 7pm

Klub Village
Thu 23 Feb, 7:30pm
Sun 26 Feb, 8pm
Mon 27 Feb, 8pm

Camp Culture
Sat 25 Feb, 10:15am
Sat 25 Feb, 12pm
Sun 26 Feb, 10:15am

Ailan Songs Project
Sun 26 Feb, 4:30pm

Miss First Nation: Supreme Queen
Sun 26 February (HEAT 1), 6pm
Mon 27 February (HEAT 2), 6pm
Tue 28 February (GRAND FINAL), 7:30pm

Sun 26 Feb, 6:30pm
Mon 27 Feb, 6:30pm
Tue 28 Feb, 6:30pm

Koori Gras
Tue 28 Feb, 6pm

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Presented by Sydney WorldPride at Carriageworks.

Day for Night: The Pleasure Arc performance
Day for Night  The Pleasure Arc

Performance Space presents Day for Night: The Pleasure Arc, a delirious 24-hour-long series of queer ceremonies taking you from brunch to club, to kick-ons and back again.

18 - 19 Feb
Bettu Grumble covered in paint, gazing directly into camera.
Betty Grumble  24 hour Grumble Boogie

Betty Grumble unites with DJ HipHopHoe for a full 24 hours of dance mayhem in 24 Hour Grumble Boogie; an all-day, all-night durational dance party and inclusive queer utopia.

18 - 19 Feb
Kween Kong gazing directly into the camera.
Marri Madung Butbut  | The First Nations Gathering Space

From free exhibitions, to theatre, dining and drag – Carriageworks will come alive as the First Nations Gathering Space for Sydney WorldPride in 2023. During the festival, Carriageworks will be the place where everyone is welcome to experience the rainbow heart of the oldest surviving culture on the planet.

23 - 28 Feb
The Huxleys perform on stage holding microphones and wearing loud blue and yellow embroidered costumes and tall quiff wigs.
Djarraba Disco  Opening Night Party

The official opening party for Marri Madung Butbut, Djarraba Disco is a joyous evocation of dancefloors gone by, legends, icons and glamour. Sparkling under the mirror ball of queer history. Curated by The Huxleys.

23 Feb
Felicia Foxx stares into the camera with their arms above their head, wearing bright red lipstick and a colourful top.
Sydney WorldPride 2023  Free Program

Marri Madung Butbut is the largest Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander & global First Nation LGBTQIA+SB program to take place in Australia - free program.

23 - 28 Feb
Joel Bray on stage shirtless against a blue backdrop.
Daddy  by Joel Bray

Joel Bray has daddy issues. And his insatiable cravings for father figures always leave him wanting more. Joel’s cravings are getting out of hand. He’s looking to live the sweet life, yet the sugar hits of nostalgia and fantasy are all too short-lived, and behind it all there’s a need that can never be sated.

23 - 24 Feb
Kween Kong lies down in reeds.
Klub Village  by Haus of Kong

It takes a village, and this Village is a celebration of World First Nations excellence. A variety, high octane - drag, circus, cabaret and dance party showcasing the diversity of the world in all its vibrancy. Featuring artists from Haus Of Kong, Casus, Humxn, Aboriginal Comedy All Stars, House of Alexander, Thicc Shake, Prinnie Stevens and more.

23 - 27 Feb
Dale Woodbridge-Brown in a comedic pose.
Camp Culture  by YIRRAMBOI Festival and ArtPlay

Camp Culture is an interactive circus show for campers of any age, hosted by Dale Woodbridge Brown. From growing up as a Faboriginal kid from the bush to one of Australia’s most prolific circus artists – his ability to use humour and heart to empower unrepresented voices will leave campers begging to stay just a little longer!

Co-commissioned and presented by YIRRAMBOI Festival and ArtPlay.

25 - 26 Feb
Jessie Lloyd singing on stage.
Ailan Songs Project  by Jessie Lloyd

Ailan Songs Project is a contemporarised exploration of popular historical songs from the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea in the coral sea – bringing together ancient languages and historical events with tropical island reggae grooves.

26 Feb
Two crowned drag queens stand on stage with sparkles cascading down.
Miss First Nation: Supreme Queen  by Party Passport

Miss First Nation has become a fixture on the Australian drag circuit, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander queens battle it out to be crowned drag royalty. Now their Royal Highnesses are back to see who will reign supreme over all – Miss First Nation is where legends are made.

26 - 28 Feb
Chase stands in a fur coat underneath red and blue light against a black background.
Chase  by Carly Sheppard & Kamarra Bell-Wykes, A Daylight Connection.

Equally offensive and endearing to theatregoers from every walk of life, Carly Sheppard has been developing and performing the character of Chase for nearly a decade. Now she joins forces with Kamarra Bell-Wykes (A Daylight Connection) to deliver the most over-the-top, cracked version of Chase yet.

26 - 28 Feb
Nana Miss Koori dressed in the colours of the Aboriginal flag, in front of Carriageworks.
Koori Gras  | Free event

Come and celebrate the final night of Marri Madung Butbut, celebrating the rich diversity of Queer performances by leading national and international First Nations artists.

28 Feb
A person wanders through Paul Yore's exhibition WORD MADE FLESH

Paul Yore: WORD MADE FLESH is a new architecturally-scaled installation, anarchically composed of improvised makeshift structures, mixed media sculpture and found objects, collage and assemblage, painting, video, and pulsating sound and light. Conceived as a cacophonous, kaleidoscopic ‘gesamtkunstwerk’, WORD MADE FLESH imagines a queer alternative reality.

Curated by Max Delany, in collaboration with Paul Yore and Devon Ackerman.

5 Jan - 26 Feb
A shadow walks past The Huxleys prints hung on the wall at Carriageworks.
Bloodlines  | The Huxleys

Bloodlines is multi art form exhibition which honours and worships legendary artists lost to HIV/AIDS. The Huxleys work evokes the colourful rebellious and creative spirit of these outwardly LGBTIQA+ artists that helped shift the worlds of queer art and culture into new realms. The exhibition will feature large scale photographic work, video art, music, and a huge queer performative celebration.

Curated by Jacob Boehme.

5 Jan - 5 Mar