Paul Yore: WORD MADE FLESH is a new architecturally-scaled installation, anarchically composed of improvised makeshift structures, mixed media sculpture and found objects, collage and assemblage, painting, video, and pulsating sound and light. Conceived as a cacophonous, kaleidoscopic ‘gesamtkunstwerk’, WORD MADE FLESH imagines a queer alternative reality, erected from the wasteland of the Anthropocene, performatively implicating itself into the debased spectacle of hyper-capitalist society.

Curated by Max Delany, in collaboration with Paul Yore and Devon Ackermann.

5 Jan – 26 Feb, 2023

Wed – Sun
10am – 5pm 

Free exhibition
Bay 21 

Paul Yore’s work engages with the histories of religious art and ritual, queer identity, pop-culture and neo-liberal capitalism, recasting a vast array of found images, materials and texts into sexually and politically loaded tableaux and sculptural assemblages which celebrate hybrid and fluid identities, unstable and contradictory meanings, and the glowing horizon of queer worldmaking. 

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Paul Yore: WORD MADE FLESH is presented by Carriageworks as part of Sydney Festival, Sydney WorldPride and in partnership with the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne. The work was originally commissioned by ACCA and premiered in September 2022. 

Paul Yore, WORD MADE FLESH, 2022, Carriageworks. Photo: Zan Wimberley