Tim Phillips & Evan Stroeve: Bulletin Place Recipe

El Diablo & Banana Bellini
Serving: One drink per recipe.

El Diablo
Glass: Highball Glass

45ml Haze Gin – Demoiselle Distillery
20ml Cold Pressed Ginger Syrup
10ml Cold Pressed Blueberries
Native Soda (Lemon and Anise Myrtle)

Combine gin, ginger and blueberries and shake with ice.
Pour into glass over ice, top with Native Soda and garnish with seasonal berries and herbs.

Banana Bellini
Glass: Champagne Flute

30ml seasonal fruit, blended
15ml Cold Pressed Banana Juice
25ml ‘Tropical Wine’
100ml Banana Pet Nat

Chill all ingredients.
Blend seasonal fruit and place in glass.
Add all other ingredients. Stir.


This recipe was cooked on equipment and appliances by Carriageworks Partner Smeg Australia.

Recipe from Tim Phillips and Evan Stroeve’s live demonstration at the Carriageworks Farmers Market, Sat 16 November.