Meet the Producer: Beeswax Wraps Australia

A relatively new stallholder at the Carriageworks Farmers Market, Beeswax Wraps Australia has been a stallholder for just over two years. What originally started as a weekend project has become a business with their ethically and sustainably resourced alternative to plastic wrapping. We spoke with Angie Restrepo, the Director and business owner of Beeswax Wraps Australia to find out more about their unique product and experience trading at the market.

Can you tell us about your beeswax wraps?

Our beeswax wraps are homemade with love and are organically produced in Rosebery NSW. We use a unique recipe and crafting method to create longer-lasting, self-adhesive wraps that are an amazing alternative to single-use plastics. We use the highest quality ACO-certified Australian organic beeswax, GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, wild pine rosin, and colloidal silver for antimicrobial enhancement.

In addition to the wraps, we have equipped our home with solar wax heating technologies we created to be as environmentally savvy as currently possible, and we pledge to continually strive towards perfect sustainability.

What makes your wraps stand out against other single-use plastic alternatives?

We only use organic certified ingredients meaning the wraps are ethically and sustainably resourced, with no harm to the bees or planet caused in the process. Through our range of  authentic designs, from local artists to Aboriginal and Australiana Dreamtime artwork, we share captivating stories of our connection to the land and each other.

How did your business start out?

We started making beeswax wraps as a weekend project and found out that more people needed to know about them, so we decided to attend Farmers Markets and spread the love. We also like to make toys with beeswax wraps scraps, something that we call Eco-sustainable Superheroes, so if you see some little creatures around our stall, yes that’s what Josh does in his free time at the markets! From the beginning, we always had the vision to create a better world.

What is the ethos behind your business?

We believe that education is the key to a better world. The community loves our beeswax wraps as it’s a gift to themselves and to the planet. It truly makes people feel that they are doing their part to save our planet, as they are reducing and eliminating single-use plastic from their lives at the same time they are keeping their food alive.


Make sure to visit Beeswax Wraps Australia next time you’re at the Carriageworks Farmers Market.