Klub Koori 2019 Photography by Wil Yams

Wil Yams is a Kamilaroi/Yuin man and is studying Design/Media (PR & Advertising) at UNSW. Wil is part of the Solid Ground Paid Internship program. As part of his internship he was asked to document Klub Koori 2019 hosted by Bad Apples Music at Carriageworks. Learn more about the Solid Ground program here.


Being able to work alongside the Solid Ground team and getting a chance to document the latest Klub Koori event was a fantastic opportunity, which I am very grateful to have been a part of. Shooting and working alongside some of our nations greatest up and coming talent including: Nooky, Koby Dee and Philly just to name a few, has been a privilege. Being able to document the journey of these artists through my own perspective and visual style has had great influence on my career path trajectory, opening my eyes to incredible possibilities which I’m eager to explore.

The prodigious work environment which Solid Ground had provided for myself allowed me to work without boundaries and have full creative freedom, this is an environment which I personally thrive in. This in-turn lead to the development of imagery which for me documents a piece of history, not only within the Australian music industry but more importantly the evolution of our traditional Indigenous storytelling into a contemporary medium, which we as a people can utilize to continue to tell our stories as did our ancestors. I hope I’m able to continue this working relationship with Solid Ground and Carriageworks in the near future.