PALISA ANDERSON: Padt Grapao Hedt and Thai-Style Fried Hen’s Egg RECIPE

Padt Grapao Hedt and Thai-Style Fried Hen’s Egg
Stir Fry of Assorted Mushrooms and Holy Basil
Gluten, vegetarian and dairy free. Vegan without the egg.
Serves 2-4

Ingredients and Equipment
Alto Olive Robust olive oil or sunflower oil
300gr assorted mushrooms – I like to use oysters, enoki, shiitake, king browns and shimeji. All sliced into bite size pieces – (Try The Fungi)
3-5 garlic cloves pounded with the chilli in the mortar and pestle – (Try Russell, The Good Garlic Guy)
2-5 chillies pounded with the garlic in the mortar and pestle
15 stems holy basil
2 pieces snake beans finely sliced
2-4 hens or duck eggs omit if you’d like to make it vegan – (Try Farmer Rod’s Free Range)
2tbs Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
1tbs coconut molasses
1tbs good quality sea salt or Red boat fish sauce for non-vegetarians

To Serve:
Freshly steamed Randall’s Organic Koshihikari rice
10 stems thai basil deleafed

This recipe was cooked on equipment and appliances by Carriageworks Partner Smeg Australia.

Start with prepping all your ingredients.

Heat up a cup of oil in the wok on highest heat element – once the oil is very hot and rippling – test one Thai basil leaf and if it fries instantly then you can fry the rest. Once you drop it in it will turn translucent very fast, using a slotted spoon fish it out onto a waiting plate with kitchen towels to absorb excess oil. Drain out the oil into a bowl, set aside.

Depending on how many eggs you are frying, heat up on the largest element approximately 1/4 cup of olive oil per egg. You can eyeball this quantity. Once the oil is rippling, crack in one egg. Bathe the egg with the hot oil around the wok using the wok spatula. It should cook very fast, the edges will crisp up and become lacy, the centre should start to cook. If you want to keep your yolk runny, lift the egg out of the wok as soon as the centre is no longer translucent. Cook it longer if you want a solid yolk, make sure to keep bathing the entire egg with hot oil.

Rest the eggs on a plate with kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil. Drain the oil into a bowl and once it is cool, you can jar this oil and use it again.

Have all the stir fry ingredients on hand as the cooking of the stir fry is very fast and you have to be able to manage the heat. Mix the Liquid Amino’s, fish sauce or salt and coconut molasses together in a ramekin.

Portion out steamed rice and have the fried eggs and fried basil close by.

Heat up 4tbs of oil on the largest element high heat, when almost smoking put in the pounded chilli and garlic, move it around with the wok spatula so it doesn’t burn then put in the snake beans put in all the mushrooms. Toss so it cooks evenly then add your sauce, keep cooking until half the liquid has evaporated. Add the holy basil and toss a couple more times keeping it close to the heat. Take off the heat and dish out on the rice, top with fried egg and garnish with fried thai basil.

Eat this immediately!

Dtom Saap Super
Gluten and dairy free.
Serves 4-6

Ingredients and Equipment
Stock broth using a 10-12L stock pot
Fill filtered water half way up
1kg chicken carcasses washed – (Try Burrawong Gaian)
1kg chicken feet washed – (Try Burrawong Gaian)
1 lrg daikon washed & chopped in rough chunks
1 lrg carrots washed & chopped in rough chunks – (Try Block 11)
1 lrg onion washed, skin on halved with basal plate intact – (Try Block 11)

For stock muslin filter bag:
6 coriander roots washed and roughly pounded but kept intact – (Try Block 11)
1 head garlic washed, cut equatorially skin on – (Try Eden’s Edibles)
1Tbs white peppercorns
300gr galangal washed and sliced finely – (Try Food by Fiat)
200gr lemongrass pounded roughly – (Try Food by Fiat)
4 pandan leaves washed

Seasoning for broth:
4 tbs Braggs Liquid Amino’s
1 piece of rock sugar
2 tbs good quality sea salt – (Try Olsson’s Sea Salt)

To serve:
2 tbs fish sauce
3 tbs freshly squeezed lime juice – (Try A&W Muscat)
½ tbs tamarind concentrate made from pulp
1 banana eschalot or red onion finely sliced – (Try Kemps Creek Farm)
7-10 makrut lime leaves deveined and julienned very finely
4 stems of coriander whole roughly chopped – (Try Block 11)
4 green onions roughly chopped
1 bunch sawtooth coriander roughly chopped
5 stems Thai basil deleaf & torn
10 stems mints deleaf & torn
4tbs of rice powder mixture
1tsp dried chilli powder
5 lrg dried chillies pan toasted and roughly chopped

This recipe was cooked on equipment and appliances by Carriageworks Partner Smeg Australia.

Set your stock on the stove range on a low rolling bowl – this should take approximately 2-4 hours. Broths are personal – keep in mind the longer it’s on the heat the deeper the flavours. If you braised the chicken feet for longer than 4 hours it will not be intact.

Rice powder mixture:
You will need to pre-prep this toasted rice mixture. There will be plenty for future use, as per serve you only need a full TBS per bowl. This is time consuming so it’s best to make this in batches and store in the fridge.

4 pieces of finely sliced galangal pan toasted until browned
3 stalks of lemongrass finely sliced pan toasted until browned
200gr sticky rice pan toasted until golden – Randall’s Organic Rice

Don’t mix the herbs with the rice yet. Once off the pan and cooled divide up equally in 3-4 batches depending on how large your mortar and pestle is.

Start by pounding the herbs, pound until completely obliterated and fine – set aside. Pound the rice until rough sand sized grains. Mix until well incorporated.

If you’d like to make life easier but less tasty you could use a blender or herb grinder but the herb pieces will need to be broken down into small pieced otherwise you risk breaking your machine.

To Serve
Using a separate saucepan, ladle out the broth and chicken feet and bring to high boil for 1 minute then turn off the heat.
Add all remaining ingredients and mix well. Portion out equally.

All ingredients available at the Carriageworks Farmers Market every Saturday.