Nonie’s Gluten Free Christmas

To celebrate the Carriageworks Christmas Market we’ve asked some friends of the Market to share their top Christmas tips and recipes with us. In this edition, stallholder Nonie of Nonie’s Food shares her secrets for a Christmas free from gluten.

What dish will be the feature on your Christmas table?
Our beautiful gluten free Christmas cake of course! Swathed in Christmas bush and tiny fairy lights! My family will eat it drowning in custard and I’ll have it with dairy-free ice cream. 

It isn’t Christmas without:
The gathering of loved ones and lots of food. Also taking the time to appreciate how fortunate we are to have loved ones and food, this is a really hard time of year for lots of people. I will definitely be raising a glass and shedding some tears for those who are no longer here.

What gift from the Carriageworks Farmers Market would you most like to receive?
Very hard to choose! How about some beautiful smoked fish from Brilliant Foods, some delicious ewe’s cheese from Pecora and roasted salted macadamias from Hand’n’Hoe, plus some big bags of organic cherries? That would keep me very happy!

The best Christmas song of all time is:
Always been a fan of the Pogues and Kristy MacColl’s Fairytale of New York! Carol of the Bells is also amazing. My Dad always played Bach’s Christmas Oratorio in the morning and we still put it on.

Could you please share a Christmassy mini-recipe?
It’s usually my responsibility to do the ham – pasture-raised of course. Last year I was making something else with pineapples so I kept the pineapple cores and stewed them with a little water, honey, and coconut sugar then reduced it down to a caramel and added plenty of mustard. I covered the ham in this mix, basting every 20 minutes and it was insanely delicious.

Not only have Australian farmers been battling drought for years, but they are now contending with a terrifying bushfire season. It’s crucial that farmers get as much support from as many avenues as possible at the moment. As consumers we are in a powerful position to make considered choices that make a real difference to people’s lives. Making your food purchases directly from farmers makes a big impact and is something that is possible on most budgets, even if it means serving different things to usual, or serving a little less of certain things that are more expensive. I will be purchasing directly from farmers for gifts as well. To me, gifts you can consume are the best presents, very few of us need more stuff in our lives!

The Carriageworks Christmas Market is on Sat 21 Dec.