Large, light filled studios, shared with like-minded artists of different generations and disciplines within the greater Carriageworks cultural community is the ideal environment for an artist and as such, the Clothing Store studios is my idea of heaven!

The space has allowed me to work on multiple projects simultaneously, which in turn enabled me to further explore the diversity of my practice – during my studio tenure I have worked on paintings and sculptures for gallery exhibitions, performance pieces in collaboration with other artists and on large public artworks as part of multi-disciplinary teams.

These public artworks, commissioned by Mirvac and Carriageworks are due for completion and installation at South Eveleigh in mid 2019. The proximity of the Clothing Store studios to the site has been of huge benefit – my ability to be embedded in the Eveleigh community has been critical to their development and facilitated a partnership with Eveleigh Works blacksmith shop. This partnership resulted in hands-on workshops that engaged local communities in a community build toward the fabrication of the public artworks.

At the same time as the studios have provided increased professional capacity, I also enjoy the strong bonds formed with other residents, and have been committed to fostering a culture of exchange, mentoring and advocacy. I love supporting my fellow residents in their endeavours wherever possible, and feel enriched by the conversations and knowledge sharing that is part and parcel of being in a communal studio.

Forever joy

Nell is a 2019 resident of The Clothing Store Artist Studios.

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