Meet the Producer: Wormtickler’s Tips

We spoke to Jordan Sly from Wormticklers, and asked for his top tips for gardening in Spring. Read below for his Top Tickler’s Tips!

Spring is time to gather in your garden however big or small and plant for a delicious summer harvest.

My advice is to plant flowers and summer veg.

Plant together alyssum and spinach greens, beans corn and zucchinis, lettuce with chives, eggplants, nasturtiums and cucumbers and of course tomatoes basil and marigolds.

Companion planting is all about bringing pollinators and beneficial insects into the garden to improve biodiversity – this in turn protects your precious food.

It’s always a good idea to select varieties that suit the aspect and size of your garden. shade versus sun and wind versus height, that kind of thing. Be inventive for maximising your space.

Refresh beds with some fresh mulch, compost, worms and casting and grab some slow release, organic fertiliser.

Try new things and remember that failures lead to success. Come see us at the markets for expert advice!

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