Meet the Producer: The Food Farm

Tim & Hannah are the founders and farmers of The Food Farm, one of our newest stallholders at Carriageworks Farmers Market.

Traveling from their farm in NSW Central Coast, just one hour north of Sydney, we found out more about their regenerative methods to produce 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef and pasture-raised organic chicken.

Their philosophy? Good food is worth the work, and the wait.

Who is The Food Farm?

Tim & Hannah, we are co-owners and first generation farmers.

Please tell us more about your product/ produce?

We are passionate about celebrating the whole animal when producing our meat, so absolutely nothing goes to waste.

Our pasture raised chicken tastes like chicken used to – the chickens are free to roam, forage for grasshoppers and enjoy the sunshine. As well as the pasture, the chickens enjoy a certified organic seed ration and there are absolutely no chemicals hormones or antibiotics. Just pure, honest chicken farmed slowly in small batches.

Many of the people who choose to eat our meat are mostly plant based eaters, choosing to just eat a little meat from time to time and they can feel comfortable that their beef and chicken has been farmed honestly and ethically.

What makes your product/ produce stand out?

We are Sydney’s most local ethical grass fed and grass finished beef and pasture raised chicken farmers, and grow everything without the use of any chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives, hormones or other nasties. We are regenerative farmers, which means that everything is grown honestly with the environment, the animals and the customers at the heart of everything we do.

Our most popular product is the skin on chicken breast – perfect for pan frying in some butter and herbs for the perfect crispy skin and succulent, juicy chicken goodness!

What is regenerative farming?

Regenerative farming is a way of working with nature’s own perfect cycles and processes, cultivating biodiversity and letting the circle of life flow as it should.

There’s been a lot of buzz recently around regenerative farming (also known as regenerative agriculture); and for good reason. As the climate crisis worsens and our understanding of the impact of agriculture on climate change deepens, documentaries like Netflix’s Kiss the Ground are opening our eyes to current realities and new solutions.

It’s a proven path to mitigating climate change, to cultivating more resilient land, and to produce superior, nutrient-dense food. It also has the incredible potential to help feed the billions of people who rely on the Earth’s ecosystems for survival.

You can read more about our ethos and process on regenerative farming on our website.

Can you tell us something about The Food Farm business and team that we may not know?

  • We don’t own any farmland, instead leasing unused paddocks in the local area to convert to nourishing food-producing land.
  • Hannah is a professional opera singer.
  • The Food Farm runs on the basis of being 100% transparent with everything we do. We welcome people to come to the farm to see exactly how their food has been lovingly grown.

You’re one of our newest stallholders, what is your favourite thing about trading at the Carriageworks Farmers Market so far?

It’s a huge honour to bring tasty, honest meat farmed just 1 hour from Carriageworks Farmers Market and share it with people who love to explore a new way of eating meat. We love hearing all the stories about how it was cooked and all of your special recipes.

Make sure to visit The Food Farm next time you’re at the Carriageworks Farmers Market. Open from 8am – 1pm, every Saturday.