Meet the Producer: Phycohealth

PhycoHealth is Australia’s first food grade seaweed farm that is the brainchild of Dr. Pia Winberg who has 20 years experience in sustainable marine foods systems. It’s Pia’s mission to educate the public not only on the benefits of eating seaweed (it’s a good source of vitamins and minerals) but also it’s sustainable farming processes. Pia wants us to know that seaweed can be enjoyed every day (not just in sushi) and she is really passionate about it!


Tell us about Phycohealth, what kind of products do you sell?

We grow and dry Australia’s first food grade seaweed, Ulva sp. 84 that we discovered, and that we capture distillery carbon dioxide to grow. It grows 50 times faster than other land crops, boasting more nutrition than a broccoli patch and more protein than a cattle farm. We also make it easy to eat by using it as a staple ingredient at about 10% of common pantry foods including our Phukka (Gold medal at AFA), Phettuccine and SeaSpirals pasta (bronze medal at AFA), Sea C’s seaweed corn chips (Bronze medal at AFA), and PhycoDamias (macadamia nuts raosted in our Australian farmed seaweed with a touch of wasabi – don’t open them alone!), our AFA silver medal seaweed PhycoTein protein rich pellets in granola muesli, PhycoBites, PhycoSalt and Phybre.


What makes Phycohealth stand out?

We are breaking down preconceived ideas that seaweed only belongs in sushi, don’t get us wrong, we love sushi, we just want people to enjoy the benefits of eating seaweed in other parts of their diet.

What are some of the sustainable aspects of your business?

There are many but just to name a few:

  • We have no waste products (except very clean seawater and oxygen)
  • We use no freshwater to farm seaweed
  • We use no synthetic fertilizers


Why should people consider adding seaweed into their diet?

People love our products knowing that they come from a place of sustainability, but primarily people want to make healthier food choices and our seaweed can fill in the gaps for low iodine (the biggest cause of preventable brain damage in the world) and better gut function (our seaweed fibre gel is just like our gut lining). It also contains marine micronutrients like bioavailable iron (we can overcome anemia in teenage girls with 1g per day), amazing antioxidants and a great source of plant based protein with B12. All you have to do is have PhycoSalt by the stove! It’s that easy!

We are passionate about making those healthy and sustainable food choices taste great and be easy.

What’s your favourite thing about trading at the Carriageworks Farmers Market?

All of the other stallholder products can be eaten with our seaweed! You can use all of the fresh vegetables and groceries you buy with a delicious Phettuccine or our SeaSprials. Or dip the amazing sourdoughs into gourmet olive oils topped off with Phukka.


Visit PhycoHealth every 2nd, 4th and 5th Saturday of the month at Carriageworks Farmers Market. Open from 8am – 1pm, every Saturday.