Meet the Producer: Holbrook Paddock Eggs

Holbrook Paddock Eggs have been a loyal and local favourite of Carriageworks Farmers Market for nearing a decade. The family owned and operated business are located in ‘Bellvue’ near Holbrook, southern NSW and are leading the way as one of Australia’s first truly open-paddock, free roaming egg production systems. We spoke with owner, Sam Pincott, to find out more about their practice from farm to farmers market and the true meaning of ‘free-range’.

Your business is family-owned and operated, could you share with us who we may expect to see on the farm?

Absolutely, there is my wife Prue and myself. We have 4 daughters, Amelia, Annabel, Abigail and Arabella. We also have a wonderful team of employees – 2 full time and 6 part timers, plus 9 beautiful Mareema dogs that live out in the paddocks with the hens to protect them from any predators.

You’ve been celebrated for leading the way on ‘free-range’ in the egg industry, can you tell us more about this and your produce?

Holbrook Paddock Eggs produces genuine free range eggs. Our hens are managed under a portable system in the open paddocks and are never locked up. They enjoy the true meaning of free range. Our stocking density is incredibly low at 40hens per hectare compared to the industry standard of 10,000 hens per hectare.

The hens are integrated into our whole farm system with sheep and cattle depending on the season. They roost and lay their eggs in portable sheds which are moved onto fresh pasture once a week. The hens are free to roam the paddock allowing them unlimited access to fresh grass, bugs and grubs. We also provide the hens with a commercial pellet to ensure all their nutritional requirements are met. The feed provided is soy and GM grain free with no artificial colourants so our eggs are as natural as you get with subtle changes occurring as the season changes – just as nature intended!!

The last year has had a major impact on farmers; we’ve heard eggs in particular have had an increase in business, why do you think this could be?

I think the fact that people are unable to eat out means that home cooking increases. With kids at home more, cooking is also a great form of entertainment, along with the fact we are feeding hungry mouths 24/7. Eggs are a staple product and used in a wide range of cooking. We have seen this direct impact, the restaurants we supply in Sydney cease their ordering during lockdown periods, but the supermarket and deli trade increase to match the demands for home cooking.

What is your stall famous for?

Just the best eggs in town!!!

What’s your favourite thing about trading at the Carriageworks Farmers Market?

The wonderful community, loyal customers and other quality produce.

Customers are always welcome to make an appointment and come and see the hens roaming freely around our farm.

Make sure to visit Holbrook Paddock Eggs next time you’re at the Carriageworks Farmers Market. Open from 8am – 1pm, every Saturday.