Meet the Producer: Chocolate Artisan

All hand-made and produced in their workshop in Sydney’s inner west, Chocolate Artisan specialises in a wide range of delicious chocolates from bars, bon bon’s, barks and other masterpieces.

As we head towards Easter, we had a chat with Chocolate Artisan owner, Jessica Pedemont, about her ethically sourced chocolate.


Can you tell us about your chocolate?

Our stall is known for our ethically sourced cacao and chocolate products. We believe our chocolate stands out because it is completely handmade from bean to bar, and all our fillings (including caramel, honeycomb, Turkish delight etc) are all made on premises using locally sourced and produced products – this means our chocolate is seasonal depending on what produce is available.

Our cacao beans are all hermetically sealed with Grainpro bags which means they do not need to be fumigated. Also, our cacao is also sundried and not fire-dried like a lot of other cacao is, which we believe affects the taste and quality of the cacao in general.

We do a lot of small batch regular rotation and none of our product goes into long term storage. If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for anyone else!


How does your product vary according to seasonal changes?

During winter we do a hot chocolate product where we bring our hot chocolate machine, and we also make a vanilla marshmallow and spiced cacao husk biscuit to accompany which is ‘blow torched’ to order for the customer.

In summer we do a chilled chocolate where we produce our own oat milk and blend it with our handmade chocolate for a refreshing beverage.

At Christmas time, I also make my signature Christmas pudding which is packed full of delicious dried fruits, cacao husk and dark chocolate – it is definitely a fan favourite!


What’s your favourite thing about trading at the Carriageworks Farmers Market?

The diversity of the other artisans and producers at the market, and we are able to showcase new and exciting products to our customers who all share the same passion as us. The customers really care about where the food is coming from, how it is produced, and value authenticity and transparency.

Carriageworks also has a big focus on education which goes far beyond just buying, selling and trading.


What do you hope your customers get out of buying chocolate from your stall?

At Chocolate Artisan, we believe one chocolate bar is like a domino. If buying it helps you to taste, understand and appreciate the difference between our nutrient-dense, hand-made chocolate compared to mass-produced products, that’s one goal down.

Perhaps when a customer purchases chocolate from now on, they will ask: where does cheaper, inferior chocolate come from? Why is it cheaper? How is it dried? Is it fumigated? Our workshop in Haberfield is designed to educate and give you those answers and the knowledge to become an ethical chocolate lover.


Can you tell us about South Pacific Cacao?

South Pacific Cacao is a social enterprise, which I launched in 2018 with co-founder Brian Atkin. When I was exploring the origins of where cacao comes from and seeing the conditions the farmers in the Pacific Islands endure to grow and harvest it, I felt like it was not only important, but crucial, to try and help the farmers in any we can. We also want to open the eyes of people who are purchasing chocolate and make them aware of the process and effects it can have – not only on yourself by consuming it, but also on the farmers and their families.


Visit Chocolate Artisan every 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Saturday of the month at Carriageworks Farmers Market. Open from 8am – 1pm, every Saturday.