Kylie Kwong’s Christmas

To celebrate the Carriageworks Christmas Market we’ve asked some friends of the Market to share their top Christmas tips and recipes with us. In this edition, acclaimed chef and Carriageworks ambassador Kylie Kwong shares her Christmas traditions.

What dish will be the feature on your Christmas table?
Local spanner crab with XO and Australian native herbs.

It isn’t Christmas without…
A celebration with our extended Kwong clan of over 70 members around a table literally groaning with food! The feast reflects my incredible Australian-Chinese family in all its diversity; alongside Mum’s comforting red-braise of pork belly, potato and Chinese mushrooms, and the delicious pork wontons my Uncle Jimmy and his daughter, Bianca, fill and boil to order, sit bowls of Aunty June’s refreshing, very Aussie coleslaw and a platter of her pineapple-studded glazed leg ham.

What gift from the Carriageworks Farmers Market would you most like to receive?
Any item from Josh Niland of the Fish Butchery.

The best Christmas song of all time is:
Any piece sung by Sydney’s leading acappella group, Cafe of the Gate of Salvation.

Recipe: Sydney Rock Oysters with Finger Lime and Chili Dressing

1 x dozen freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters (or the best oysters available on the day)
Finger lime and chilli dressing
1½ tbsp light soy sauce
3 tsp grapeseed oil
1½ tsp white sugar
1½ tsp dried chilli flakes
¾ tsp sesame oil
juice of ½ lime
3 fresh finger limes, cut in half widthways and “pearls” removed


  1. Arrange oysters on a platter.
  2. To make finger lime and chilli dressing, place all the dressing ingredients, except the finger lime pearls, in a bowl and whisk until well combined.
  3. Add finger lime pearls to dressing and stir in with spoon. Drizzle dressing over oysters and serve immediately.

The Carriageworks Christmas Market is on Sat 21 Dec.