KCA Development Diary: Angela Goh

In 2020, the eight commissioned artists of the Keir Choreographic Award share their Development Diaries with us. Works will be developed all over Australia, with the four finalists performing at Carriageworks in the finale season, 12-14 March.

In this diary we follow Sydney-based artist Angela Goh.


3 Mar 2020

Angela Goh presents her work ‘Sky Blue Mythic’ in Melbourne at Dancehouse for the 2020 Keir Choreographic Award Semi Final.

24 Feb 2020

Angela shares the details of her work for KCA 2020, Sky Blue Mythic.

Curtains open. There is no dance being performed on the stage. The dance that is not being performed is a ballet, Giselle. The backdrop is medieval and the elements are supernatural. It’s Act 2, and you know that someone died at the end of Act 1. Time is an arrow that has been shot off stage, out of frame. You go out-of-render, looking for it, but it’s nowhere to be found. Damn. But then! Duration has no direction. Good. We will orient ourselves here. Sky Blue Mythic imagines dance as a non-human entity, existing on timescales longer than our cultural narratives, in spaces beyond the locality of the body, and forms unknowable to human-centric sensing. In a quest to move away from anthropocentrism, Sky Blue Mythic allows dance to alienate itself from human expression, in turn requiring the body to become an interface rather than a vehicle. By imagining a history of dance that is not humancentric, Sky Blue Mythic encounters possible worlds beyond our own reflection. This work confronts the notion that we do not exist in a vacuum but are staring into a void.


24 January 2020

This is a moodboard related somehow to Sky Blue Mythic. Not as inspiration, but as mood. A mood is something atmospheric, temporal, and with seeping borders. A mood is feeling that produces conditions. 


Angela Goh is a Sydney based dancer and choreographer working with dance in theatres, galleries, and telepathetic spaces. Her work considers the body in relationship to commodity, materiality, technology, and feeling. Angela’s works have been presented across Australia as well as the USA, the UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Taiwan, Norway, Estonia, Denmark and the Netherlands. She received the 2019/20 Create NSW Emerging Artist Fellowship and won Best Artist in the 2017 FBi Sydney Music Arts and Culture awards.

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