KCA Development Diary: Alison Currie & David Cross

In 2020, the eight commissioned artists of the Keir Choreographic Award share their Development Diaries with us. Works will be developed all over Australia, with the four finalists performing at Carriageworks in the finale season, 12-14 March.

In this diary we follow Adelaide-based artist Alison Currie and Melbourne-based artist David Cross as they develop their work.


3 Mar 2020

Alison Currie and David Cross present their work ‘Delimit’ in Melbourne at Dancehouse for the 2020 Keir Choreographic Award Semi Final.

24 Feb 2020

Alison and David share the details of their work for KCA 2020, Delimit.

Delimit examines the relationship between menial, process-driven labour and dance. Playing with ideas of staging and set making, the work seeks to interrogate how the making of an art installation offers a frame in which to understand dance and its assorted modalities in different ways. The collaboration between visual artist David Cross and choreographer Alison Currie has been developed through a long-term appreciation of each other’s practice and a realisation that despite their work appearing very different, their conceptual interests are closely linked. Delimit slips between functional and abstract, exploring live action as an unstable liminal space between labour and performance.


10 January 2020

‘It is interesting how the scope of the Keir award has informed the making of Delimit. Having a twenty minute parameter is not ordinarily how we make work and this particular temporal frame has its particular challenges. It’s short by performance standards but at the same time you can get a lot done in that time. We have sought to establish a series of actions as a starting point and instead of just adding them together to get twenty minutes we have made a slightly longer work and just assiduously refined it to remove extraneous detail. We are trying to see how it might be possible to activate slowness in a compressed time signature.’ – David Cross


January 2020

Alison and David’s production sketches of ‘Delimit’.

Alison Currie and David Cross are co-directing a commissioned work.  Alison Currie is an Adelaide-based artist whose practice examines the connection between inanimate forms and performers. Her works engage audiences, performers and objects in various ways. David Cross is a Melbourne-based artist, curator and writer. His work extends across performance, installation, sculpture, public art and video and is known for its examination of risk, pleasure and participation. Individually, they have presented work at Performance Space Liveworks, Dance Massive and OzAsia Festival in Australia and at various festivals and events in Singapore, India, France, Prague, Poland, Croatia, New Zealand, England and The Netherlands.

See some of Alison Currie’s and David Cross’ previous work below.