Joel Bennetts: Peppe’s Bondi

Creamed Leek, Garlic & Black Pepper Agnolotti
Serves 4


Leek Filling:
2 large leeks – Block 11
1 brown onion – Block 11
4 gloves of garlic – Block 11
1 tbs whole black pepper corns
Olive oil – Alto Olive
A pinch salt – Olsson’s Sea Salt
Nutritional yeast

Pasta Dough:
500g fine semolina
210g water
Pinch of salt – Olsson’s Sea Salt
Pinch of turmeric powder – Spice Zen
3 tbsp of olive oil – Alto Olive

1 handful wild or salad rocket (nicely washed) – Darling Mills Farm
1 bunch Basil – Darling Mills Farm
10 roasted macadamias – Hand’n’Hoe Organic Macadamias
1 clove of garlic – Block 11
Fresh lemon juice to taste– Fanelli Organics
Nutritional yeast
3 tbsp of olive oil – Alto Olive
Pinch of fine salt – Olsson’s Sea Salt

Old sourdough bread – Sonoma Bakery
2-3 garlic cloves – Block 11
Sea salt to taste – Olsson’s Sea Salt
Olive oil to taste – Alto Olive


For Leek Filling:
Split the leek in half 3/4 down toward the root, wash under cold water to remove any dirt. Slice fine and set aside.
Peel and slice the onion. Cook in a pan with leeks, smashed garlic, cloves, black pepper, salt & oil.
Cook in a pan on medium heat with the lid on to create moisture.
Once soft and caramelized, blend together in a blender.
Season with nutritional yeast and salt to taste. The mix needs to be cold for use.

For Agnolotti:
Mix the water, salt, oil & turmeric powder in a bowl with a whisk to incorporate all.
With the semolina in a bowl make a well, then pour the liquid in.
Mix all together and then kneed on bench for a few minutes. Wrap tight in a damp cloth and rest for 10 minutes.
Once the dough is rested, divide the dough into two even pieces, use the palms of your hands to flat the dough so it will go through the widest setting on the pasta machine. Continue feeding it through the machine, up to the third setting, lightly dusting the dough with 00 flour. Keep going until you reach even wide sheets of dough.
Once you’ve got your sheet rolled, take the leek filling and put into a piping bag. Pipe out even sized dots along the pasta sheet. Cut the dough around the fillings into squares and fold the ends together.
Bring water in a big pot to boil. Add agnolotti and boil until they float (2-3min).

For Pesto:
Roast macadamias lightly in a pan.
Blend macadamias, oil, salt, crashed garlic and nutritional yeast in a blender or a hand blender for 5 seconds. Add the rocket, basil & lemon juice and blend to the desired consistency. Personally, I like a little rough for the texture of the leaves.
Season to taste and put aside.

For Pangratatto:
Take the sourdough bread and blend in a blender, until it reaches the consistency of crumbs.
Grate the garlic over the crumb, coat lightly in olive oil, and add salt.
Mix with your hands and bake at 170 until golden brown.

To Plate:
Mix agnolotti with desirable amount of pesto. Put in a pot and add pangratatto on top.


This recipe was cooked on equipment and appliances by Carriageworks Partner Smeg Australia.

Recipe from Joel Bennetts’ live demonstration at the Carriageworks Farmers Market, Sat 5 November.

All ingredients available at the Carriageworks Farmers Market every Saturday.