Jericho, 2019

In the early hours of the morning of Saturday 16 November, 2019 Parr is scheduled to undertake a closed performance session at Carriageworks.

“Kazimir Malevich’s (1879-1935) iconic 1913 painting Black Square became the ground-zero for non-objective art – it could be understood as an end-in-itself, or a window to a new beginning. Parr’s pursuit of art-after-Malevich has frequently required his own body to become the key object of interrogation. If Black Square is the severed head of painting, the limits of the body in real-time are the future of art.” Carriageworks Head Curator Visual Art, Beatrice Gralton

Performance Session: 16 November, 2019, 1am, Carriageworks.
Performance 1: Un-face
Performance 2: Red Square
Performance 3: fill a tin can with about a pint of heavy industrial grease. Push several cubes of ice into the grease. Allow the grease to close around your fingers. Wipe your fingers clean on a damp rag. cii from 150 Programmes & Investigations, 1971-72.
Performance 4: press some glass into bread. xli from 150 Programmes & Investigations, 1971-72.
Performance 5: crush an orange against a wall. xvii from 150 Programmes & Investigations, 1971-72.

Visit The Eternal Opening at Carriageworks, 25 Oct – 8 Dec 2019.