Cherine Fahd: Eyes Open Eyes Closed and Something In-Between | Part One PHOTOS

Eyes Open Eyes Closed and Something In-Between is a new project by Clothing Store Artist, Cherine Fahd, in conjunction with Carriageworks. Throughout 2019, Fahd will photograph the artists, performers and creators who work with Carriageworks.

‘The title of the project, Eyes Open Eyes Closed and Something In-Between, draws on the history of photographic identity portraits. Carriageworks artists are invited to pose for three portraits – one with eyes open, one with eyes closed, and one that is something in between; a pose which is perhaps unplanned, more candid, and relaxed. Each portrait focuses distinctly on the face as a site of identification. The face offers us a place from which we try to read the other; their emotions, their thoughts, what lives internally. In this work the three portraits and three depictions of the face sit alongside what we may already think we know through their public persona or biography. Perhaps, these portraits can function as a more intimate offering.’ Cherine Fahd, 2019

Cherine Fahd is a 2019 resident of The Clothing Store Artist Studios. She is also an exhibiting artist for The National 2019: New Australian Art at Carriageworks.

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Published: 21 Mar 2019