Carriageworks have partnered with ReadyMade Works Inc.; a not-for-profit organisation that provides programming and studio space support for the independent dance community in Sydney to present a series of free morning classes held each day at Carriageworks. In an effort to galvanise the dance community through direct practice and conversation with practitioners, five dance artists will be invited to lead morning class.

Mon 9 Mar: Jane McKernan

Improvisation for an uncertain future: This class will use the tools of dance improvisation to pay attention to the present moment, take notice of sensation and impulse, respond to the space and each other, and open up the potential to move differently into the future. It is open to anyone interested, regardless of dance experience.

Tue 10 Mar: Lee Serle

Lee’s class will guide the body via imagery, mapping the skeleton and joints to build the body from the ground up in preparation for dancing. Focusing on weight and momentum we will work to find efficient movement pathways within the body, and how this can be applied to complex phrase material and improvisation. Lee’s class open to varying levels of experience.

Wed 11 Mar: Rhiannon Newton 

Rhiannon will share her movement practices and creative work through a class that journeys from focused embodied work through to more virtuosic physical and creative movement. The class focuses on how different parts of the body connect and move one-another, emphasising how weight, release, attention, and imagination affect capacity and sensation.

Thu 12 Mar: Shelley Lassica

Shelley will be leading a class that focusses on the idea of choreography in relation to dancing, using techniques of body awareness, spatial recognition, and developing attention: generating movement and articulating processes through the development of ideas and vice versa.A technique class that recognises the range of abilities required for performance.

Fri 13 Mar: Vicki Van Hout

Vicki’s class consists of a dynamic progressive sequence of exercises reflective of diverse Australian Indigenous vocabularies including those languages developed from both desert and coastal remote communities. This distinctive language has been the primary aesthetic underpinning recent NAISDA graduates, many of whom have secured places with Bangarra including Wanengga Blaco, Ryan Rearson and Beau Dean Riley Smith and by notable Australian independents including Thomas Kelly, Caleena Sansbury, Henrietta Baird and Raghav Handa.

Some Trade Adam Linder, courtesy of Adam Linder and Hannah Hoffman, Los Angeles

Mon 9 Mar, 10-11.30am: Jane McKernan

Tue 10 Mar, 10-11.30am: Lee Serle

Wed 11 Mar, 10-11.30am: Rhiannon Newton

Thu 12 Mar, 10-11.30am: Shelley Lassica

Fri 13 Mar, 10-11.30am: Vicki Van Hout

Invitation Only. Contact Tim Darbyshire for Expressions of Interest.

Presented by Carriageworks, Dancehouse, The Keir Foundation and the Australia Council for the Arts.