Join us for a series of free Digital Chef Masterclasses led by world-class Australian chefs including Peter Gilmore (Quay), Nadine Ingram (Flour and Stone), Palisa Anderson (Chat Thai), Evan Stroeve (RE Bar) and Luke Powell (LP’s Quality Meats and Bella Brutta). Filmed in Carriageworks’ state of the art Smeg kitchen the series will explore the five elements of taste – umami, sweet, sour, bitter and salty – with step-by-step instructions, conversation, along with tips and tricks in the kitchen.

7 Oct: Peter Gilmore – Umami
3 Nov: Nadine Ingram – Sweet
1 Mar: Palisa Anderson – Sour
4 Apr: Evan Stroeve – Bitter
2 May: Luke Powell – Salty

All classes are free

Presented by Carriageworks and Smeg Australia.

Peter Gilmore  Umami

World class chef, Peter Gilmore, offers his insights into the elusive fifth flavour, umami. Presented in conversation with Lizzie Hewson, author of Saturday Night Pasta, Gilmore shares his secret to creating a simple umami-enriched chicken broth, purple corn polenta, and a bone marrow pasta with shiitake and kombu butter.  

Nadine Ingram
Nadine Ingram  Sweet

Celebrated baker and founder of Flour and Stone, Nadine Ingram will be joined by award-winning publisher and storyteller, Julie Gibbs, on a journey of recipes and stories behind Ingram’s favourite sweet recipes. Ingram will share expert techniques as she prepares recipes including old fashioned vanilla layer cake, pear tarte tatin and chocolate tart.  

Palisa Anderson
Palisa Anderson  Sour

Farmer, chef and restaurateur Palisa Anderson shares her love of the sour flavours that are synonymous with Thai cuisine with food writer Lee Tran Lam. Her recipes will include Nahm jim jaew - tamarind dipping sauce with grilled mushrooms, boiled lemon and mackerel with fresh egg pasta and an ume mochi cake with matcha glaze and mulberries.  

Evan Stroeve
Evan Stroeve  Bitter

World Class Bartender of the Year, Evan Stroeve of RE Bar, will use seasonal produce found at the Carriageworks Farmers Market to unpack the important role that bitter flavours play in stimulating the appetite and aiding digestion as he creates a refreshing Summer Americano, a classic Negroni and The Obligatory, a decadent after-dinner cocktail.  

Luke Powell
Luke Powell  Salty

Chef and founder of LP’s Quality Meats and Bella Brutta, Luke Powell dives into the world of salty flavours with a guide to pickling, curing and preserving meats and vegetables, as well as sharing his favourite recipe for a delicious sweet and salty dessert. Luke will be making a pork, chicken and green peppercorn terrine with lacto-fermented pickles, a classic corned wagyu beef and a nougat parfait with salted honey caramel.