Cornersmith x Carriageworks Cooking Classes are fun and informative hands-on workshops focused on making the most out of seasonal produce and avoiding food waste. These classes offer plenty of advice for a sustainable kitchen, delicious simple recipes and waste hacks to inspire solutions to the environmental challenges we all face. Get back to basics with this series of three workshops covering Fermenting, Pickling and Preserving.

Sat 18 Jun

Sat 17 Sep

Sat 10 Dec

$75 + fee

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Presented by Carriageworks in collaboration with Cornersmith.

A cooking workbench, with radishes and leafy greens. There are also jars of kimchi sitting close by.
Sat 18 Jun, 9am-10am

Join Cornersmith for an introduction to the art and science of fermentation. Part magical art, part science – the process of fermentation creates probiotic rich foods that are delicious and healthy.

In this class you will make a ‘not so classic’ kitchen scrap kimchi that helps use up the bits and pieces from the vegetable crisper, and an adaptable fermented vegetable pickle.

Glass jars sit on a cooking bench with different foods being pickled.
Sat 17 Sep, 9am - 10am

Join Cornersmith as they walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to start pickling at home.

You’ll learn interesting Cornersmith-style flavour combinations and the best ways to add pickles into your everyday cooking. After this course you’ll feel confident and inspired to pickle everything and anything.
Full bleed image of red chillis
Sat 10 Dec, 9am - 10.30am

Some like it hot! But chilli season is short, so we have a special Summer preserving class for all the chilli enthusiasts. In this class, you’ll make and take home a fiery fruity hot sauce for tacos and a chilli seasoning salt to spice up roasted vegetables, salads, salsas and hot chips!

Cornersmith will talk you through everything you need for safe preservation, including jars, sterilisation, heat processing and more.