Carriageworks believes cultural institutions should be radical and participatory. They should provide pathways, lead social change and create and deliver on our individual and collective ambitions. Carriageworks commissions and presents a program that supports work across visual arts, performance, dance, music and film.

In 2019, Carriageworks will commission and present 53 projects, including 7 world premieres, 25 international works and 36 new Australian commissions, supporting 850 artists.

Carriageworks extends a heartfelt thanks to all of our donors for their inspiring and ongoing support.

Sam Mostyn
Oranges & Sardines Foundation
Sue Cato

Gil Appleton
John Barrer
Alex Bowen & Catherine Sullivan
Phillip Cornwell
Lloyd Harris & David Collins
Susan Hipgrave & Edward Waring
Liz Laverty
Dominik Mersch
Cass O’Connor
Mark Stapleton
Euan Upston & Jedda Kelly