Carriageworks has commissioned German artist Katharina Grosse to create a monumental, site-specific installation in response to the unique industrial architecture and scale of Carriageworks. This extraordinary project will mark our most ambitious single-artist commission to date.

Grosse is internationally renowned for her works of immense scale and kaleidoscopic colour. Painting directly onto existing architecture, interiors and landscapes she incorporates reams of fabric, mounds of earth and slabs of concrete. For this project Grosse will envelop Carriageworks in more than 8000 square metres of suspended fabric—draped, knotted and hung through Carriageworks. Audiences will be invited to immerse themselves within Katharina Grosse’s epic canvas.

For Grosse, painting is an experience in immersive subjectivity, from her canvases and sculptures to her in situ works. Working with an industrial spray gun, Katharina implements multi-dimensional visual effects over surfaces and textures to create sublime and otherworldly environments.

Katharina Grosse: “I am fascinated by the thought of folding space. I am interested in taking this vast surface and shrinking it by folding or, actually, hiding the entirety of what’s there. I understand a painting as something that, as we view it, travels through us and realigns our connections with the world.”

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