Carriageworks presents the Australian premiere of ‘An evening of solo works’ from internationally renowned American choreographer Meg Stuart. Headlining the public program for the 2018 Keir Choreographic Award, ‘An evening of solo works’ will be presented at Carriageworks, 19–20 March. Dancehouse will present a following season in Melbourne on the 23 – 24 March 2018.

Meg Stuart is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, dancer and founder of company, Damaged Goods in Brussels. She has created over 30 works, makes dance and theatre, initiated several improvisation projects and collaborates with artists across the visual arts, music and dance. Her latest work Celestial Sorrow, premiered in January 2018 at the Kaaistudios, Brussels. In the same month, Stuart was awarded the Gold Lion for Lifetime Achievement from La Biennale di Venezia.

Stuart was awarded the Gold Lion for ‘having developed a new language and new method for each creation, collaborating with artists working in different disciplines and moving between dance and theatre. Through improvisation, a fundamental aspect of her practice, Stuart has explored physical and emotional states and the memories of them. Seeking ever new contexts and new territories to explore, her work has continuously redefined itself’ – La Biennale Di Venezia

‘My work navigates the tension between dance and theatre, thought and action, remembering and forgetting. Scripts are written on our bodies: they contain unfinished histories of ourselves and others.’ – Meg Stuart

Improvisation is an important component of Meg Stuart’s practice. She has initiated several improvisation projects such as Crash Landing and Auf den Tisch! In 2016 Stuart hosted City Lights – a continuous gathering in the Berlin HAU Hebbel am Ufer, in collaboration with an all-female group of artists. Through improvisation, Stuart explores physical and emotional states or the memories of them. It continually redefines itself while searching for new presentation contexts and territories for dance.

In her solo works, Meg Stuart ventures into the monologue of movement, exploring everyday gestures, physical conditions and emotional states through improvisation. An evening of solo works presents a selection of Stuart’s body of solo works as well as excerpts from evening-length performances. Including, ‘All songs have been exhausted’ from her acclaimed solo work Hunter. The evening offers an intimate access to one of the world’s most critically acclaimed choreographers internationally and rarely seen in Australia.