Carriageworks announces 95 artists participating in CUT N POLISH: Artist Car Boot Sale 4 Apr 2022

Carriageworks announced today the names of 95 Australian artists from the Greater Sydney region who will participate in CUT N POLISH: Artist Car Boot Sale on Sunday 1 May 2022. Presented in Carriageworks’ Blacksmith’s Workshop, CUT N POLISH is a one-day art car boot sale featuring 62 artist stalls selling their works directly to the public in a casual, market-style setting.

Established by artists for artists, the project provides the opportunity for visual artists to sell new works, pieces from their back catalogue, collaborations, and artist side projects, direct to the public in a ‘cash and carry’ market model with all sale proceeds going directly and in full to the artists.

Selected by a panel comprising of Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Aarna Fitzgerald Hanley and Katherine Stone from Carriageworks and leading contemporary artists and project initiators Consuelo Cavaniglia, Jonny Niesche and Brendan Van Hek, the 95 participants represent an exciting selection of cross-generational and culturally diverse artists from recently graduated students to award-winning practitioners.

Participating artists in CUT N POLISH include:

  • Dirt Witches are an artist collective battling for action on climate change and will be selling their t-shirts I Vote For The Trees created in collaboration with artist Tom Polo and leading Australian fashion label Romance Was Born.
  • Izabela Pluta is a Polish-born Australian artist whose practice spans photography and installation. Pluta will be selling a selection of photographic prints varying in both size and substrate, including paper and hard printed silver gelatinous prints, alongside artist books, lino prints, pictorial textiles and more.
  • Tiyan Baker and Omar Musa will present their stall titled Tamu Baru, which means “The New Meeting Place,” a showcase of art objects by the Borneon-Australian artists. Baker, a video and installation artist, will be selling copies of her zine The Ever Wet Zone (2021), framed autostereogram prints, handmade festive durian nets and resin durian casts. Musa is an author, poet and visual artist, whose debut novel Here Come the Dogs (2014) was longlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award. Musa will be selling woodcut prints and poems, handmade glass objects inspired by the landscapes of Borneo, homemade sambals and his new book Killernova (2021), a book of poetry and art.
  • Koji Ryui, whose latest work is currently exhibited as part of the 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, will bring a series of speculative fetish objectives, reconfiguring old works and collected found objects and materials. Ryui is best known for his sculptures and contemporary art installations that recontextualise found objects, playfully challenging our perceptions of the everyday.
  • Get Kinetic is a group of five multidisciplinary artists including Szymon Dorabialski, Jesse Hogan, Audrey Newton, Nadia Odlum and Monica Rani Rudhar. Formed during Sydney’s pandemic lockdowns, Get Kinetic provided an online space for support and open discussions between the artists. They will be selling a selection of collaboratively created 2D and 3D works including paintings, sculptures, abstract wearables, mystical tools, publications, projects and more.
  • Lisa Myeong-Joo is an emerging artist working within the expanded field of performance who will be selling works from her archives including print series and reproductions of early performative drawings.
  • Will Cooke, a Sydney-based artist who creates illusion-based paintings that revel in the histories of industrial design, meditation, architecture and personal development, will bring a series of small meditation paintings. The making of each work is a recent ritual performed before the artist begins a day in his studio.
  • Jessica Ann Leffley is a Lithgow based Wiradjuri artist and teacher, who expresses her imaginations and interactions of Australian native birds through drawing and painting. Leffley will bring a selection of original paintings, prints and postcards. She is joined by Joanne Cassady (Wirudjuri & Yorta Yorta) and Wiradjuri Aura (Wiradjuri) who specialise in hand painted jewellery and other functional objects.
  • Amy Claire Mills, a Sydney-based emerging artist whose practice explores identity and self-preservation through immersive textile installations and performance, will be selling a selection of works including large quilts, art pillows and small textile wall pieces.
  • Tully Arnot, whose practice explores ways in which technology and human relationships intersect, will be selling works from an ongoing series of carved prickly pear cacti, living sculptures developed on residency at SOMA, Mexico City in 2019.
  • Leah Giblin is a bespoke textile designer and costume artist with a focus on sustainability, recycling, waste production and non-chemical processes, whose label Day Keeper is designed and manufactured locally in Sydney. The artist will be selling clothing pieces, textiles, alongside free mending workshops.
  • Bianca Hester is an artist and writer, her practice employing process-oriented sculptural production in conjunction with feminist methodologies to explore the material conditions of contested places. The artist will be selling a range of sculptural works from her back catalogue, as well as copies of her new book Groundwork (2022).
  • Brodie Cullen and Luca Blasonato, emerging artists both currently studying masters at the National School of Art, will be selling a selection of original works including paintings.
  • Kuba Dorabialski and Katy B Plummer together under the name Annandale Ghost will be selling a selection of handmade objects, photo books and zines. Dorabialski is a Polish artist, writer and educator who works primarily in video and installation, his practice exploring the intersections of mysticism, radical leftist politics and the personal poetic. Plummer is a Sydney-based artist who makes video, sculpture and installations about the phenomenology of politics and the politics of spirituality.
  • Anna May Kirk, Sydney-based artist, curator, producer and designer who works across sculpture and sensorial installations, whose work is currently exhibited as part of Eucalyptusdom at the Powerhouse Museum, will be selling hand blown glass artworks including vases, jugs, cups and jewellery.
  • Wart is a multidisciplinary artist whose work since the early 80s has encompassed painting, drawing, performance, sound and written word. An extension of her most recent exhibition EYE SEE PINK, BLACK AND WHITE (2021), the artist will be selling a series of stencils, block prints, and hand screened printed t-shirts that celebrate the much maligned ibis or ‘bin chicken.’

The full list of artists and collectives participating in CUT N POLISH: Maria, Aguilera-Mendoza; Tully Arnot; Nicole Barakat; Clementine Barnes; Lionel Bawden; Corey Black; Liz Bradshaw; Lewis Burns; Kieran Butler; Sarinah Caecilia & Lingham Brown; Joanne Cassady; Armando Chant; Cheap Dirt (Hugh Black, Natalie O’Loughlin & Chanel Tobler); Cloudship Press (Tessa Zettel & Susie Nelson); Will Cooke; Harry Copas, Remy Faint, Nani Graddon, Savanna Hopkinson, Claude Platzer & Lucy Whitelaw; Penny Coss; Luca Blasonato & Brodie Cullen; Adrian De Giorgio; Dirt Witches, Tom Polo & Romance Was Born; Kelly Dolly; Kuba Dorabialski & Katy B Plummer; Sarah Edmondson; Sione Falemaka; Functional Sculpture (Michael Cooper, Paloma Gould & Tom Mason); Charlie Gates; Amy Ge; Get Kinetic (Szymon Dorabialski, Jesse Hogan, Audrey Newton, Nadia Odlum & Monica Rani Rudhar); Shahroud Ghahani; Leah Giblin; Emma Maye Gibson aka Betty Grumble; Yvette Hamilton & Sara Oscar; Melissa J Harvey; Dan Heslop & Constance Ellwood; Bianca Hester; Leeanne Hunter; Imagined by Oskar; Jude Jarrett; Freya Jobbins; Anna John; Cat Jones; Locust Jones; Alexandra Jonscher; Anna May Kirk; Tom Langlands; Jessica Leffley; Fono McCarthy; Amy Claire Mills; Lisa Myeong-Joo; Dilara Niriella; Sean O’Keeffe; Izabela Pluta; Billie Robertson; Koji Ryui; Zoe Sadokierski; Tamu Baru (Tiyan Baker & Omar Musa); Tiles Lewisham (Christopher Burton, Andriana Carney, Troy Donaghy, Marcus Dyer-Harrison, Olga Svyatova & Lois Waters); Jenny Tubby; Wart; Wiradjuri Aura (Leeanne Hunter, Shanae Hunter & Kalia Williams); Benjamin Whealing; Paul Williams & Min Wong.

CUT N POLISH: Artist Car Boot Sale will take place on Sunday 1 May 2022 from 11am until 5pm at Carriageworks’ Blacksmiths’ Workshop.

Coffee and food will be provided by some of the Carriageworks Farmers Market stallholders.

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