Rebecca Baumann: Radiant Flux Video

‘I think of colour as being emotive in the sense that it has the ability to go beyond conscious thought, to create a heightened sense of feeling in the body.’ – Rebecca Baumann

Radiant Flux is Rebecca Baumann’s response to the unique light and space of Carriageworks’ architecture. Spanning over 100 metres in length and nearly 15 metres high, every glass surface of the building’s exterior has been covered with dichroic film. This luminous material simultaneously transmits tones of blue, magenta and yellow, and reflects gold, green and blue. When viewed from different angles the colour range shifts dynamically, ensuring the work is never experienced in the same way twice.

Rebecca Baumann: Radiant Flux
8 Jan – 14 Jun 2020
Open daily, 10am-6pm
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Director: Yeoseop Yoon (Collider)
Music: Chihei Hatakeyama, Starlight And Black Echo. From the Room40 album, Mirage