The Journey of New Breed: Ten Years at Carriageworks Video Series

Carriageworks and Sydney Dance Company proudly present “The Journey of New Breed.” This captivating six-part documentary series illuminates the evolution and impact of New Breed, a program dedicated to fostering emerging Australian talent and revolutionising the landscape of contemporary dance.

For the past ten years, New Breed has stood as a beacon of support for 35 emerging dance artists, offering a platform to unveil their world premiere works on the Carriageworks stage, supported by Sydney Dance Company. This pivotal initiative, made possible by the unwavering support of The Balnaves Foundation, has been instrumental in shaping the future of dance, nurturing innovation, and fostering creativity.

This December brings the arrival of four exhilarating new works by emerging artists Tra Mi Ding, Beau Dean Riley Smith, Eliza Cooper and Riley Fitzgerald. Beyond the stage, Sydney Dance Company invites audiences on a unique exploration of New Breed‘s profound impact through the lens of its new documentary series.

“The Journey of New Breed” offers an intimate glimpse into the program’s evolution, chronicling its transformative influence on countless emerging choreographers. Across six insightful episodes, viewers will witness the program’s growth and lasting legacy, featuring exclusive interviews with luminaries such as Rafael Bonachela, Victoria and Hamish Balnaves, along with past choreographers.

Through this documentary, each episode unveils the enduring legacy of New Breed, emphasizing the profound role played by Carriageworks and The Balnaves Foundation in supporting Australian dancemakers. It’s a compelling narrative that encapsulates the spirit of innovation, dedication, and the remarkable journey that has defined the last decade of contemporary dance in Australia.


The Journey of New Breed | Episode 1

The Journey of New Breed | Episode 2

The Journey of New Breed | Episode 3

The Journey of New Breed | Episode 4

The Journey of New Breed | Episode 5

The Journey of New Breed | Episode 6

New Breed
Sydney Dance Company
6 – 16 Dec, 2023

New Breed is made possible by The Balnaves Foundation and co-presented by Sydney Dance Company and Carriageworks.

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