Ten Questions With Dennis Golding Interview

Dennis Golding
3 – 28 Nov

Curated by Kyra Kum-Sing

Tell us about your exhibition ‘The Future is Here’. How did the project come about? 

It was the result of a Solid Ground residency program that I facilitated with the students from Alexandria Park Community School. 

Was it your first-time collaborating with children on a project? 

I’ve been part of a number of creative projects with young people, but this was the biggest one yet! 

How has that experience influenced your practice?

It’s influenced my practice as a collaborator. When working with a group of creative people, greater things happen that can go beyond imagination. 

What is your involvement with Solid Ground? 

I was selected as an artistinresidence and was lucky enough to work with young people whose families I grew up with in the local area of Redfern and Waterloo.

Why do you use the superhero motif? 

Do you remember as a kid when you imagined yourself having superpowers and you felt so strong? That’s the strength I wanted to feel in my work and its what I wanted the young people to feel too. It plays into our stories as First Nations people, and it helps us challenge contemporary issues that we still face today. 

What is your superpower?

As a kid, my superhero power was invisibility. 

Are there any stories that you can share about the designs and their makers?

There was one cape in particular that spoke to everyone’s work, which contained the word ‘imagination’. This defined everything we were exploring – that in order for us to make a superhero cape, we had to use our imagination.

What has been your career highlight?

Being selected as the recipient of the NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship.

Tell us the thing you’re most looking forward to doing once we’re out of lockdown?

Seeing family.

What’s next?

My studio partner Carmen Glynn-Braun and I will present our first major exhibition as artistic collaborators under the name Re-Right Collective. Titled ‘Make yourself at home’ the exhibition will be held at Cement Fondu in October 2021.