PALISA ANDERSON: Ume Mochi Cake with Matcha Glaze RECIPE

36:47  |  Ume Mochi Cake with Matcha Glaze
Recipe by Palisa Anderson

This cake is lovely warm, but even better the following day when the sticky rice has had time to settle into the liquid. I love it as a bench top snack throughout the day rather than a dessert cake. Though it would also work well in that context as Ume is a fantastic aid for digestion.


350g glutinous rice flour (ground fresh if possible)
100g raw caster sugar
100g coconut nectar or softened palm sugar
2 duck eggs or large hens eggs
1.5tbs baking powder
400ml coconut milk
30g Ume paste
200ml UHT coconut cream
60g salted cultured butter
1tsp celtic sea salt
1 vanilla bean pod, seeds scraped out

Matcha glaze
10g organic matcha powder (find the best quality one to use)
200g icing sugar
2-3 tbs full cream milk
1 tsp salt
Fresh mulberries to decorate


Turn the oven on to 180C.
Butter and line a 24cm cake tin with compostable baking paper.
Mix all the dry ingredients together and then incorporate all the wet ingredients into the mix.
Use a balloon whisk to incorporate everything together.
When smooth, pour into the cake tin with a rubber spatula.
Bake for 60-70 minutes.
Do not under bake this cake otherwise, it will be gritty!
When ready, it will be soft but firm in the centre and lovely golden brown on the outside.

Matcha glaze
Make the glaze by whisking all the ingredients together until smooth and well incorporated.
Wait until the cake is at room temperature before attempting to glaze, otherwise it will be too runny.
Decorate with fresh mulberries.

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