Mel O’Callaghan, ‘All is Life’ VIDEO

“Ritual has many facets, it can be through performance, it can be through worship, it can be through going to a sports stadium. Ritual performance is really about a collective experience.”

Mel O’Callaghan discusses her major exhibition All is Life.

Responding to the initial split of the first cell billions of years ago, All is Life encompasses sculpture, performance, sound and film to explore the relationship between life and nonlife. Starting with the singular impulse of the primordial cell that led to the whole of life on earth, All is Life looks at the individual’s connection to the collective.

Visit Mel O’Callaghan’s All is Life at Carriageworks from 23 Jun – 21 Aug 2022, Wed-Sun from 10am – 5pm.

A performance takes place every Saturday at 11am.