Market Haul Challenge

You can always get a great deal at the Farmers Market, and the key is shopping seasonally and getting to know your local producers.

We sent our team out with $10, $50 and $100, with an aim of buying as much as possible to feed a family or friends. They spoke to different stallholders to get the best deals and find great value seasonal specials. Here’s what they bought.

$10 Haul

1/4 of a large Miche sourdough loaf from Sonoma Bakery
2 organic avoacdos from Burnbar Fruit
A giant and fragrant lemon from Fanelli Organics

This $10 haul makes the perfect breakfast for two, with lots to spare – avocado on toast with a squeeze of lemon. Slice up the rest of the lemon and pop in some water for a cleansing morning drink.

$50 Haul

A bag of mixed citrus from Prickle Hill Produce
Full cream milk from Country Valley Dairy
Cos lettuce and snow peas from Block 11 Organics
A bunch of carrots, 1/4 of a cabbage and a full pumpkin from Produce by the River
Chicken drumsticks from Thirlmere Poultry Supply
White sourdough loaf from Shepherd’s Bakehouse
12 free range eggs from Farmer Rod’s

There are so many meals in this $50 haul. Our friends at Prickle Hill Produce told us to grab a paper bag and fill it to the brim with seasonal citrus, all for $5. They also gave us some extra lemon leaves which add great flavour to meat and fish. The giant sourdough loaf from Shepherd’s Bakehouse will take care of us for the week, and go great with scrambled eggs. The chicken drumsticks from Thirlmere Poultry Supply are great value and perfect for a family picnic. Our vegetables from Block 11 Organics and Produce by the River will make an amazing seasonal soup. This haul will have a family sorted for the weekend and beyond.

$100 Haul

Rashers of bacon and minute steaks from Linga Longa Farm
A dozen free range eggs from Thirlmere Poultry Supply
Full cream milk from Country Valley Dairy
Bok choy and radicchio from Fanelli Organics
7 organic apples from Block 11 Organics
Creamy bocconcini from Vannella Cheese
Lemon thyme and coriander from Darling Mills Farm
Simmer sauce from Two Good Co.
Sourdough from The Bread and Butter Project
Large bunch of kale from Kurrawong Organics
Strawberry danish from Berkelou Bakery

With the $100 haul we were able to grab a generous weekly shop suitable for a couple or small family. We have our staples like great milk from Country Valley Dairy, eggs from Thirlmere Poultry Supply and bread from The Bread and Butter Project. We also have great veggies for salads and stir fries from Fanelli Organics, Kurrawong Organics and Block 11, which will go great with our coconut simmer sauce from Two Good Co. Greg from Block 11 also threw in a stick of baby garlic for us to try. We have beef and a massive pack of bacon from Linga Longa farm which will be perfect for brekky and for pastas, in which we would also toss our bocconcini from Vannella. Lastly we grabbed a strawberry danish to share from Berkelou Bakery – delicious fuel for the weekend ahead.


The Farmers Market has the best quality produce in the city, and it comes at great value as you buy direct from the producer. As shopping local is more important than ever, it’s a perfect option for your weekly grocery shop.

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