LUKE POWELL: Pork, Chicken and Green Peppercorn Terrine with Fermented Pickled Vegetables RECIPE


1kg boneless skinless pork shoulder
1kg skinless pork jowl
300g chicken liver
1g/kg sodium nitrite (curing salt)
15g/kg salt
4.6g black pepper
2 bunch chopped flat parsley
230g eschallots
92g green peppercorns
230g egg whites
92ml port

Dice pork and pass through coarse mincer. Slice chicken livers

Weigh your all your meats, including your sliced livers, and calculate how much salt you need

Put into stand mixer and add salts, wait for the mixture to turn sticky before adding your eschallots, peppercorns and parsley. Then add your egg whites slowly

Bake in deep gastronorm (without any water at this stage) at 185°C for 30mins until tops nicely browned

Add water to gastronorm and pour hot water half way up

Cook until internal temp of 75°C is reached

Let cool over night

Demould the following day

Lacto Pickled Vegetables

1 or 2 golden beetroot
Handful of dill (use the stalks in the brine and the fronds to serve)
3% salt
Pepper to season
Olive oil to garnish

Measure water and vegetable to calculate salt levels, drain water and add 3% salt based off measurements. Cover vegetables in brine and ferment until desired flavour is achieved.