LUKE POWELL: Nougat Parfait, Salted Honey Caramel RECIPE


Nougat Parfait
600ml cream
5 egg whites
150g sugar
150g honey
200g praline (100g sugar/ 100g macadamias)

Salted caramel honey sauce
100g honey
100g sugar
200g thickened cream
Salt to taste


Nougat Parfait
Whip cream until stiff peaks, put aside and place in fridge
Put sugar/and honey on the boil until it reaches 115°C
Meanwhile beat whites in a mixer until they are stiff (add a pinch of salt while mixing to help this process)
Slowly pour in honey/sugar mix to egg whites
Increase speed until whites are very fluffy
Let cool and fold in cream and praline
Spoon into clingfilm lined mould
Freeze for 6-8 hours or overnight

Salted caramel honey sauce
Boil honey until 150°C
Remove from heat
Add cream (be careful as it spits)
Add salt to taste
Let cool in fridge

To serve
Take out parfait from mould, slice and dress with caramel