Jessica Pedemont: Spiced Christmas Biscuit RECIPE

Spiced Christmas Biscuit
Jessica Pedemont, Chocolate Artisan


120g stoneground wheat flour – Berkelo
120g stoneground rye flour – Berkelo
30g Cacao Husk – South Pacific Cacao
½ Teaspoon bi-carb soda
Seeds of 1 vanilla bean pod or ½ teaspoon of vanilla paste
¼ teaspoon salt – Olsson’s
110g raw sugar
75g honey – Carriageworks Sweet Art Honey
60g whole egg or egg yolk – Farmer Rod’s Free Range
15g Gingerbread Spice Blend – Spice Zen
110g salted butter – Pepe Saya



1. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.


2. Rub in butter, you can break it into manageable chunks (roughly walnut size pieces), once evenly mixed through stop rubbing. This process can also be done in a free standing mixer with the paddle attachment on low to medium speed. 

3. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients using a wooden spoon or if still using the mixer keep the paddle attachment and mix on low speed until even, scrape the sides of the bowl at least once during this process to insure an even mix.


4. Remove from bowl and place on a sheet of foil or plastic wrap, flatten into a disc for easier rolling later that day or next day. This dough is freezable for up to 3 months, recommended defrosting overnight in fridge, wrapped in a tea towel.


5. When ready to roll the dough, use a lightly floured surface or roll between to pieces of parchment paper, if not firm enough to roll return to fridge to chill and allow the butter to firm up once more. Otherwise continue until the dough is 3-5mm thick, cut out into desired shapes and place on baking tray, if it is not a non-stick tray you can add a baking mat or parchment paper, space product at least 5cm apart this will help allow even cooking.


6. Before baking chill the product approximately 10-15mins minimum, during this time you can preheat your oven to 150c (fan forced), bake until lightly golden, remove from oven and allow product to cool on tray before moving as this will allow it to hold its shape. Continue to dry and ensure delicious crispness. 


To serve

These biscuits make an easy and impressive festive dessert, served with: 

  • Fresh cherries from Drive In Orchards, spiked with a nip of absinthe from Demoiselle Distillery  
  • Pepe Saya Crème Fraiche whipped with cream from Country Valley Dairy 
  • South Pacific Cacao roasted cacao nibs and extra chocolate curls/ shavings


Notes & Tips 

  • If you would like a shiny result on the biscuits you can brush them with some additional egg yolk or milk before baking. 
  • Ovens do vary in strength, so I would recommend keeping an eye on the product, I would never open the oven unnecessarily as extra heat can escape. 
  • If you would like a crunchier biscuit you can always cook to a medium golden colour. 
  • Cooking times will vary depending on the shape and thickness, not just on the type of oven you are using. 
  • You can store these in an air tight container, they make wonderful gifts in a jar with some Christmas ribbon and try this recipe using Christmas themed cookie cutters. 


This recipe is presented in partnership with Smeg Australia.