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Recipe by Evan Stroeve

Drink Recipe

30ml Demoiselle rum
25ml Punt e Mes
15ml Re Coffee Liqueur
10ml Single O cold brew coffee
5ml of diluted honey
3 drops of Angostura bitters


Stir in mixing glass and serve over ice in a rocks glass


Chocolate from South Pacific Cocoa

Ingredient Recipes

Single O’s cold brew

(Recipe courtesy of Single O)

Drink recipe

60g/L RATIO, we made this recipe using a specialised cold brewer but any type of vessel with strainer such as a tea pot, cafetiere, or even a large jar could be used for this at home.


1. Weigh and grind your coffee to the coarsest setting
2. Add your ground coffee to the jar/carafe, preferably contained within a mesh filter
3. Pour 1 litre of room temp water over the coffee grounds
4. Give the carafe a swirl, making sure all the coffee is submerged in the water
5. Put the lid on, pop it in the fridge. We’ve had the best results brewing between 18-24 hours, but feel free to experiment!
6. At the end of brew time, remove filter and dispose of coffee grounds to compost and replace the lid
7. Your cold brew will keep well in the fridge for up to 5 days

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