CUT N POLISH: Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone submit an EOI for CUT N POLISH?
You need to be a practicing artist located in the Sydney and greater Sydney area.

Is there a fee to enter CUT N POLISH?
No, there is no fee to submit an EOI, no fee for selected artists to participate, and 100% of sales go directly to the artists, no commission is charged.

What kind of work can I present at CUT N POLISH?
The artwork can range from tests and studies, to anything in your back catalogue (older works/early works), or side projects (your text work on a t-shirt range, the ceramics that sit outside of your sculptural practice, posters, books, bags, wearable work, etc.).

The work you are selling needs to be your own.

Is there a size restriction for the artwork?
No but consider that there is no wall space, and you will be presenting work on a table. You will need to be able to set the work up in no more than 2 hours and buyers need to be able to take the work with them on the spot.

How much information do I need to provide in the EOI on what I would like to present at CUT N POLISH?
You need to give the selection panel an idea of what your contribution would look like if you were selected (e.g. if you are not intending on selling video work, don’t include that in your submission but do show us images of the stills you are intending on printing up as posters to sell).

What kind of price range should I aim for with my work?
Artists have sold artworks from $5 to $2,000. You might consider a range, including some cheaper works and also a few at a higher price.

Consider what you want to sell in a market context, don’t undersell the work, but also remember that this is about selling, not holding on to works.

If I’m represented by a commercial gallery, can I still submit an EOI?
Yes, you can. Artists will need to manage the relationship with their representative galleries.

Can we submit as a group?
Yes, duos and groups are great! Groups are a great way of supporting each other in setting up and sharing the work of minding the stand on the day.


If you have any further queries, please contact