Carriageworks x Zan Wimberley PHOTOS

For almost a decade Zan Wimberley has photographed exhibitions presented at Carriageworks. Her images have formed an important archive for our institution – a memory of work Carriageworks has commissioned and exhibited. They also form a register of the building itself – its architecture and light, the materiality of its concrete, glass and steel, and the real and perceived changes to these spaces as new shows come and go.

Carriageworks at its core is a working building. The Eveleigh locomotive workshops were the site of engineering and craftsmanship for almost a century, and today we are a place for artists and audiences, whose ingenuity ignites curiosity about the social, political and aesthetic issues that define our time. For this project we asked Zan to take some images of a less-noticed Carriageworks. She shows us the latent energy of an empty theatre, fingerprints from staff on a box office door and the formal composition of red-carpet walls made primarily for soundproofing. Zan’s eye has sought the beauty and quietude of the unmonumental moments making up everyday life and labor at Carriageworks.

Beatrice Gralton, Head Curator, Visual Arts