Brent Savage: Goats Curd and Spring Vegetable Salad Recipe

Goats Curd and Spring Vegetable Salad
Brent Savage, Bentley Restaurant and Bar

Highly acclaimed Australian chef Brent Savage takes us step-by-step with his keen eye for clever and flavorsome food through his recipe for a Goats Curd and Spring Vegetable Salad. Brent is a regular attendee of the Carriageworks Farmers Market, who champions and cherishes the relationship between grower and chef.

Serves 6


300g goats curd – Willowbrae Cheese
500g broad beans – Zavaglia’s Gourmet Produce*
200g sugar snap pea tendrils and flowers *
3 purple daikon radish and flowering tops *
400g broad bean shoots *
5ml lemon juice *
65ml olive oil – Alto Olives
20ml vegetable oil
2g salt – Olsson’s Salt 
1/2g pepper – Spice Zen


1. Remove the broad beans from the pod.

2. Blanch the broad beans in large pot of boiling water.

3. Immediately transfer to a dish of cold water to cool.

4. Wash and thinly slice the purple daikon radish.

5. Wash the snow pea tendrils and purple daikon radish flowers and set aside.

6. Wash the broad bean shoots, keeping the large leaves separate.

7. Blend the large leaves with 50 ml of olive oil to create a herb oil.

8. Heat a medium sized pan, add the vegetable oil and sautee the broad bean shoots for approximately 1 minute.

9. Season with salt and pepper.

10. Dress the shoots in lemon juice and olive oi.

To Serve

1. Place the wilted broad bean shoots on a serving plate.

2. Garnish with the spring vegetables and flowers.

3. Drizzle with the herb oil.

4. Finish with Willowbrae Goats Curd and ground black pepper.