“I dream all the time and I like my dreams a lot.”

By Lyndal Irons

Meagan Pelham is so full of love it’s hard to feel anything but positive in her presence. Her ability to feel romance at every moment is brought alive in illustrations of mocktails, owls, weddings and sometimes camels. Occasionally it’s near overdose when owls appear in mocktails within hearts. Meagan’s is a dreamy existence and spending a day with her is like living in an oasis where there is no room for anything less than true love.

“Last night I dreamed of prince charming,” she told me. “He gave me a diamond ring and a rose that opened up. I dream all the time and I like my dreams a lot.”

Studio A’s resident romantic, Pelham is performing as the Owl Bride in the collaborative production birdfoxmonster with Erth Visual & Physical Inc., supported by Carriageworks. She believes owls to be the most romantic animal and the materials of her mask (felt, lace, glitter paint and wedding beads) reflect this.

As a member of Studio A, Pelham has also undertaken collaborations with Koskela’s Creative Studio and with Cicada Press Printing Studio at the UNSW School of Art and Design and exhibited work at NG Gallery and Casula Powerhouse. Her work is held in various collections including Artbank.

Alongside her work as an artist, Pelham is an Olympian dancer with a love of writing and teaching. She hopes to one day publish a book of her art which will be available in a library as well as a shop.

Micah, Meagan’s boyfriend of one year, is also an artist.

“He’s my prince charming.”

Though not yet married, Pelham has plans to one day have her own wedding when the time is right.

“I like owls a lot. Owls fall in love. Owls flying. True love owls. Sitting in a tree drinking cocktails. Romantic owls. These true love owls fall in love together. They met in the branches of the tree.”


Lyndal Irons is a Sydney-based photographer and writer focused on local reportage and portraiture. She seeks out parts of Australian society that are familiar, accessible, yet not often closely encountered.  By recording social histories and building legacies using photographs and words, her work encourages curiosity and a deeper connection to daily environment. Lyndal is a member of Lumina, a new Australian collective of award-winning photographic artists.
Published: 21 Sep 2017