Garuwa: Power to Country

An intimate journey into the life of Garrwa woman Shirley Simon, captured in the short film Power to Country.

Displaced by global climate shifts and unstable power, Shirley was forced to leave her family’s beautiful island homeland in remote Northern Territory. The nearby town of Borroloola, her refuge, faces its own energy crisis. As a resilient matriarch, Shirley is determined to ensure her descendants remain connected to their country and culture.

The solution? Community-owned solar power.

As many communities across Australia grapple with severe environmental challenges, Original Power is at the forefront, building knowledge, resourcing action, and fostering connections through the First Nations Clean Energy Network. For Shirley, their Borroloola Solar Homelands Project is just the beginning of a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Friday 28 June 10am-7pm
Saturday 19 June 10am-7pm
Sunday 30 June 10am-5pm
Wednesday 3 July 10am-6pm
Thursday 4 July 10am-7pm
Friday 5 July 10am-7pm
Saturday 6 July 10am-7pm
Sunday 7 July 10am-5pm
Wednesday 10 July 10am-6pm
Thursday 11 July 10am-7pm
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Power to Country:
Yarning with Genevieve Grieves and Scott McDinny

Saturday 6 July at 12pm

Power to Country is creating sustainable power solutions for remote communities.

Join filmmaker and GARUWA co-founder, Genevieve Grieves and Ngardara Cooperative Director, Scott McDinny, to yarn about renewable energy solutions and learn more about enabling First Nations Peoples to stay connected to Country.

Storytellers: Shirley Simon, Lynette Simon and Family

Director: Josef Jakamarra Egger

Producer: Andrea Distefano

Supervising Director: Genevieve Grieves

Field Producer: Libby Collins

1st Assistant Director: Conrad Rory

Co-Producer: Maya Ghattas

Executive Producer: Kelrick Martin

Consulting Producer: Kieran Satour

Cinematographer: Ryan Andrew Lee

Sound Designer: Lachlan Harris

Editor: Josh Burns

Sound Recordist: Francis Diatschenko

Supervising Post Producer: Ramona Telecican

Production Assistant: Anita Archer

Supervising Editor: Rah Dakota

Legals: Deborah Doctor

Special thanks to Yanyuwa and Garrwa People, Shirley Simon, Lynette Simon and family, Gadrian Hoosan, The Original Power team including Conrad Rory, Lauren Mellor, Dan Brookes and Scotty McDinny, Shaun Evans and the Li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Ranger Unit, Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Indigenous Corporation, Malandari store and Redimart store, Borroloola and the GARUWA team.

Filmed on the traditional country of the Yanyuwa, Marra, Garrwa, Gudanji and Binbingka people of the Borroloola Community and Mumathamburru (West Island), North-East Northern Territory.

Power to Country premiered in Your Planet: Climate & Environment Shorts at Sydney Film Festival, 2023.

Power to Country was supported by ABC, Screen Territory, Doc Society and Shark Island Foundation

GARUWA is a First Nations storytelling agency. They are a proudly diverse group of creatives, unified by a shared passion for the power of imagination and a vision for change.

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