On the 29 Jul, First Nations Fellowship recipient, Henrietta Baird (Kuku Yalandji/Yidinji) will share content and ideas from her new multi-disciplinary work ‘Plant a Promise’ which is inspired by the 2019/2020 bushfires. The project asks the audience to make a promise to look after Country. The completed work will be presented in 2024. 

Track 8

Sat 29 Jul

Concept and choreographer Henrietta Baird
Dancers Tara Robertson, Andrea Adidi, Melinda Omokaro
Design Lara Week
Sound Andrew Batt-Rawden
Lighting Priyanka Martin
Dramaturg Vicki Van Hout
Producer Pippa Bailey

Presented by Henrietta Baird as part of the Carriageworks First Nations Fellowship.

Sarah Malone