A sudden noise that wakes you in the night. A shadowy movement glimpsed down a darkened alley. The sensation that there might be someone in the room with you. Waiting. Part documentary, part urban thriller, Pin Drop is an immersive audio-sensory work exploring the most private of experiences – fear.

Tapping into our primal urges and subconscious anxieties, Pin Drop draws on a series of interviews with people aged six to 92. Live voice mingles with the disembodied sounds of pre-recorded conversations, household objects are transformed into potential threats, and the most familiar of spaces become strange, as the mind plots the shortest route to a safe place to hide. Conjured into life by Tamara Saulwick’s riveting solo performance and Peter Knight’s visceral score, this award-winning production has left reviewers and punters alike breathless. Presented by Carriageworks, Performance Space and Mobile States.

Image credit: ©Tamara Saulwick Pin Drop (2012) Photo: Phil Greenwood