Enter the boxing gym – a place of dreams of glory, of a better life. Between skipping ropes and punch bags, you train hard, being sure of only one thing: you will eventually lose. For months, theatre director Roslyn Oades followed a determined young boxer from Western Sydney through his preparations for a world title fight. Based on the recorded interviews of those she met along his journey, I’m Your Man is the story of legends, up-and-comers and failed contenders who have been irreversibly changed by the fight game. The no-holds-barred dialogue boils with the absolute immediacy of the ringsides, gyms and backstage dressing rooms before a fight; the words of Oades’ interviewees delivered verbatim, as heard through earpieces. Testosterone-fuelled, high-stakes theatre at its best. Presented by Carriageworks, Sydney Festival, Performance Space and Mobile States in association with Belvoir St Theatre.