Boris Charmatz is a radical innovator of dance. Over the past 20 years in his work as a dancer and choreographer he has explored the relationship between art and philosophy, challenging preconceived notions of dance in the process. Since 2009, he has been director of the Musée de la danse – the Dancing Museum – in Rennes, France: a place but also a ‘nomadic idea, which can move elsewhere, shelter time, void and talk, nudes, things political, discussions, works and fantasies, and sometimes even, all of it at the same time.’

After many years of dreaming of a proper sustainable building, Musée de la danse is now pursuing a series of attempts in and for public spaces. In Sydney to premiere manger (2014), Charmatz presents a keynote to open up questions with Sydney audiences: from the contemporary stress about togetherness to street dance to permeable choreographies. Presented by Carriageworks and the 20th Biennale of Sydney.